Monday, December 14, 2009

Poxy Club - Emily, Michelle and me

Good, the doctor extended another week of MC for me..... according to him I still have plenty of "active" pox with me and my case is consider not "that bad".. I don't know how bad is bad... I think altogether I have about 200-300 poxes with me, large and small.... on the bright side I have more time to tender to my new garden, do a lot of reading and spend time with my kids and also to watch my neighbour's DVDs! The only "reward" out of this whole episode is... hey I got life-long immunity against chicken pox.. I thank God for the poxes... as of now I'm applying heavily Vitamin-E extract on my face and hope the poxes dried up without leaving any deep scar.

For the past few days I saw myself turning from me into a witch and back to me again. I look like a teenager in her puberty with "pimples" popping out from her face, always blessed with good complexion, this whole episode really affect my self-esteem. As the poxes increases and turned into deep red swollen little volcanoes, I doubted if I ever regain my good complexion again.

Now in the 9th day, the poxes has started to dry up and I'm glad I'm beginning to look like me again. By the way the poxes has spread to Michelle and she's doing fine :)


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