Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'm back!

There is a request from my loyal "fan" that I should start writing my blog again, I have been blog hibernating for a while now.

So what's new? Yeah last two weeks I officially joined the "Smart" community, courtesy of hubby and after much consideration, finally he got me a Samsung Tab and a Samsung Galaxy smart phone at one go. It's a double pampering from him.

As expected the girls got hold of the tab and handle it with dexterity and started downloading it with God knows whatever games that they knew of. So this mummy is exercising her mother authority to control the usage and access to it else gone case. I must acknowledged that the tab came in real handy, yesterday I googled some queries from Michelle on her homework and I can get the answer at the tip of my fingers, must teach the girls how to put it to good use.

Now what about the Smart phone? The extend of connectivity you have with your existing contacts is amazing but with the extensive pool of people that now you can contact with, I realized it created another problem.... superficiality in your friendships. It's nice to get in touch but I would want to maintain connectivity with those few close friends that I have, lest I fall into the "hi and bye" or "touch and go" friendships. So I will limit my connection with a few close contacts.

Life at forty so far is..... indescribable, experiencing changes emotionally, spiritually and physically. I stumbled upon this phrase at my colleague's cubicle which sounded like this - "We cannot do much about the length of our life but we can sure do something with the depth and breadth of it", so I'm learning to just do that... everyday add a bit of depth and breadth to my life, God's gracious gift to me. May you do the same :)


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