Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Chicken pox

Emily is having her chicken pox now, in her 4th day and I was told it is the most contagious period as the pox dries up. Generally she's doing well, no sign of slowing down meaning she's still as active and cheerful, very discipline in controlling her food, trying very hard not to scratch them and kind of "happy" that she got it.

I'm not going to post her photos here as being so self conscious about her looks, let's spare her of the embarrassment. When I told her that she won't look nice, she abstain from her favourite food and struggling not to touch them but being so cheeky she actually threatened the sister with it and started the so call "war".

On another note, house renovation will commence next week, hubby warned that our nightmare is going to begin and by the way he bought me a new oven.. muak muak muak....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More patience and love

For the past few weeks, I’m finding difficulty in handling Emily. Recently she has been super bossy, wanted to have just her own way, got angry over the slightest things, her words are always correct, she’s rude.... to summarize this.. SHE WANTS HER OWN WAY!! which is totally unacceptable and ridiculous. The fact that Michelle is basically easier to handle really magnified the contrast. I know I’m comparing both of them which is not good, each children is unique and special in their own ways. So what do you expect this mummy to do?

In my prayers I always ask God to give me patience and love to teach my children.. I guess I got the answer from Him, what better way to learn patience and love other than putting me in situations that I can really exercise patience and love.

But I must learn from hubby, whenever I’m out of patience, love and ideas, I passed the baton to him and he always has that final touch to deal with her.

I’m not sure about the other mothers, have you ever cried with your children? Just the other night I was so frustrated, I broke down and told them that I love them, I wanted to teach them, whenever they misbehave I’m very sad, sometimes I don’t know how to teach them but we will pray for God to help us… three of us ended up hugging and cried our heart out. But it was a good session.

After the whole episode, they slept and I went back to my room. Hubby asked what happened and he heard Emily was crying out loud, I told them the three of us cried altogether… Hubby commented “Ha she’s just five now, you are already crying teaching her, what will happen to you when she’s in her teens?” Ha… I really don’t know… guess I’ll ask a whole lot more patience and love from God then.

Decision making...

Over the past few weeks and upcoming weeks, hubby and I made or will be making a lot of decision, so far we have sort of made our decisions on below items:

1) The colour to all the rooms, exterior and roof, instead of turning the rooms into showrooms, we hope to include our personal character and harmonization to the entire colour scheme.
2) The kitchen hood and hob - we confirmed that during the HomeDec exhibition last 2 weeks
3) The finishes of the kitchen cabinet, island, living room cabinet and other cabinets
4) The basin tap, basin type, WC, toilet tiles, we are going to have 2 brand new toilets with bath.
5) Bed frame, coffee table, book rack - something that we shopped earlier..

Yet to be decided:
1) To buy a brand new oven or just use the existing..
2) Our king size mattress (Very important!)
3) To what extend we will do up the backyard garden
4) Anything good and affordable from Ikea
5) Other furnishing items

You see we sort of gave ourselves and our contractors 4 weeks to do the job once we got hold of the house key... we hope to move in before Christmas or before the end of the year... Hubby is enjoying the whole process of sourcing, walking and negotiating but I'm more looking forward to the end result, so my role is to select/make choices (often pricy choices) and he will close the deal or talk me out of it, that's how we complement each other, let's hope we won't start a world war 3!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Time flies..

Time flies and the semester is coming to an end. Just finished marking my students' assignments and they will be having their exam in the next 2 weeks. The staff room will be undergoing a major renovation and we are adviced to pack our stuff... so the whole of this week the staff room will be in total mess....

I enjoyed my teaching here and I'm glad to make this switch. Just this morning somebody from Dell called and asked if I'm interested in their position as Training and Development Manager, I wondered how they got my contact, must be from a position that I applied ages ago... I told her I'm not interested at this point of time.. I may be saying no to a potentially high figured salary job but no regrets.. somehow I'm sure this is what I wanted to do now, have not been feeling this fulfilled for the entire 13 years in employment.

I wondered if I've changed... :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Get away with Michelle

I had a getaway with Emily last April, coming end of the month I'm bringing Michelle for a 3 days, 2 nights trip to Langkawi organized by my college. Below is our meeting this morning:

Me: Let's have a meeting
Girls: Meeting??? Looked puzzled
Me: End of the month mummy going to Langkawi
Girls: Ar... protesting faces..
Me: But mummy can bring only one of you because mummy cannot take care of both for out of town trip... since mummy brought Emily to KL last April, this time mummy plan to bring Michelle
Michelle: Eyes big big, looked all excited
Emily: Sobbing and wiping tears already (poor girl)
Me : Listen first, I have not finish...
Me : The date mummy is going is from XX to XX, the same date that Sophia jeh jeh is getting married (Sophia is Emily's kindy teacher) and we were actually looking forward for her wedding cum dinner.
Me : Emily can wear your new polka dot dress, wear your new ring that daddy bought and have a good time, take photo with teacher and see teacher in wonderful wedding and evening gowns...
Emily : Stop crying and realized it was not a bad idea after all
Me: Emily get to spend special time with daddy alone, daddy will bring you out.
Emily : I want to go to Popular, buy coloring book and coloring pencils..
Me: Just ask daddy and daddy will do it (ha ha)
Me: So now Michelle still wants to follow?
Michelle: Want!
Me: You don't want to wear your new dress, wear your new ring and see the bride?
Michelle: I want to follow you!
Me: OK then, settle, meeting over.. calling daddy... we've settled the negotiation, now you do your part eh...
All: Very happy....

Monday, November 2, 2009

Communication Essence of a Healthy Marriage

I remembered many years ago, my boss told us, a group of managers that the essence of good leadership is good communication and she started to share a series of training which included what is true communication, the importance of it and also the consequences if good communication is not present.

As God has blessed my marriage, I truly believe that apart from letting God to be the head of the sacred communion (this is vital and most important), good communication between hubby and I sealed our marriage. Many couples do not have problem communicating during those courting years but many did in their marriage later on.

Of course not everything is smooth sailing between hubby and I but as we thread this journey together, we realized communication is very important and essence to a healthy marriage.

Communication is more than talking verbally to your partner, that is talking… communication is both giving and receiving at the same time. I realized when we live for ourselves rather than for one another and with one another, then that is the very moment we stop communicating.

There’s no doubt that as partner of lives, we are still entitled to time of our own, doing things that we like and spending time with people whom we cherished but as husband and wife especially for those who are married for years, sometimes we just stop communicating (maybe we think we know each other too well or simply we do not have to… thinking each should understand our body language after many years being together). I believe if that happens, Satan has succeeded in his first attempt.

Many couples have lost their first love for their partner, being together is more like a commitment rather than emotional feeling for one another. Wives are preoccupied with the welfare of the children and household, husbands are busy with building careers, all these are done for the sake of the family, but sometimes all these are done at the expense of our other half.

How would we treat our other half? Our spouse is like our other half, would we stop feeding the other half after many years, definitely no, if we were to do that then it is like a slow death, slowly depriving our other half of the nutrients that is required for continual growth. Stop communicating is the very first sign of us neglecting and depriving the other half and soon it may be too late to feed the other half once cracks start developing…

For those who have not stopped communicating with your spouse, I wish you well, keep on the good work, and find creative ways to communicate with your other half. Let us kneel down and pray that God will protect the many marriage unions that has stop communicating, healed the hurts and revived their hearts that they will truly start communicating again.
To end this, I would like to share how hubby and I communicate; we want to bless you as God bless us.

1) Find time to cook him his favorite meal, not the children’s for I always agreed to this old phrase – “The way to the man’s heart is through his stomach”
2) Iron for him for this is the thing I hate most, by ironing his shirts; he knows that I love him…
3) Prepare the kids early to bed, so that both of us have time to talk and share what has happened in a peaceful environment.
4) Let him do his favorite things but with the understanding of the time he will be away.
5) Tell him what is bothering you, trust me, men will not just know
6) Teach the children to value, honor and respect their father
7) Dress up just for him, put on perfume... and gifts from him
8) Date him….
9) Tell him you need his time
10) Submit to him

1) Remembers my birthday and our wedding anniversary
2) Takes the effort to plan something memorable for those special dates
3) Reminds me of his love frequently through e-mails, sms, msn…
4) Buys me gifts randomly
5) Washes my car
6) Irons for me when he has to do the ironing himself
7) Dates me
8) Holds my hand
9) Communicates with me
10) Teaches me and uphold me in my biblical understanding
11) Is sensitive towards my needs

So you see communication is hard labor, if your other half is worth your time to court before marriage and spent hours communicating before marriage, how much more you need to court and communicate with her/him for the years to come. It is our prayers that you find the joy and fruit of your effort... please do not stop communicating and let Satan become a foothold in your marriage.


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