Thursday, November 5, 2009

Get away with Michelle

I had a getaway with Emily last April, coming end of the month I'm bringing Michelle for a 3 days, 2 nights trip to Langkawi organized by my college. Below is our meeting this morning:

Me: Let's have a meeting
Girls: Meeting??? Looked puzzled
Me: End of the month mummy going to Langkawi
Girls: Ar... protesting faces..
Me: But mummy can bring only one of you because mummy cannot take care of both for out of town trip... since mummy brought Emily to KL last April, this time mummy plan to bring Michelle
Michelle: Eyes big big, looked all excited
Emily: Sobbing and wiping tears already (poor girl)
Me : Listen first, I have not finish...
Me : The date mummy is going is from XX to XX, the same date that Sophia jeh jeh is getting married (Sophia is Emily's kindy teacher) and we were actually looking forward for her wedding cum dinner.
Me : Emily can wear your new polka dot dress, wear your new ring that daddy bought and have a good time, take photo with teacher and see teacher in wonderful wedding and evening gowns...
Emily : Stop crying and realized it was not a bad idea after all
Me: Emily get to spend special time with daddy alone, daddy will bring you out.
Emily : I want to go to Popular, buy coloring book and coloring pencils..
Me: Just ask daddy and daddy will do it (ha ha)
Me: So now Michelle still wants to follow?
Michelle: Want!
Me: You don't want to wear your new dress, wear your new ring and see the bride?
Michelle: I want to follow you!
Me: OK then, settle, meeting over.. calling daddy... we've settled the negotiation, now you do your part eh...
All: Very happy....

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MamaJo said...

Wow, your kids so understanding ler!!! I'm impressed. If now, I have to bring one kid only, both Jona and Iz will sure screaming and crying missing their mommy so much...kah,kah....


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