Thursday, February 28, 2008

Time heals

I heard from a close friend that she had just lost her baby, I truly emphatized with her. It's not easy for her to share but at this time we felt we just need each other presence and support, we comforted each other through msn. One thing for sure, time will heal, everything happen for a reason and for a Christian, God is in control of all things and He has his ultimate purpose.

It's normal that depression sips in but do not linger for long, as time passed by, everything will just be OK, we don't choose to forget but to cherish each moment we have had with our loved ones. One used to say, light is always at the end of the tunnel and hope is certainly there to those who hope.

God bless you my dear friend and here wishing you a speedy recovery, both physically and emotionally.

Wonderful wallpapers

I found these wonderful inspirational wallpapers in below link:

To access, just click the wallpaper category and choose your favourite ones, I just did. I found them very encouraging, enlightening and soothing at this time. Thanks to those who spent time creating the website, God bless your ministry.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Little things about mom

This post is specially dedicated to my beloved mom. I would like to share mom's life with my readers. Borned 11th Nov 1932, she's the 3rd child in a family of eight with five other siblings. The only surviving sibling she has is her eldest sister in which we call "Tai Yee Mah", the rest had passed away. Altogether she has 2 elder sisters, an elder brother, a younger brother and sister. Mom attended a few years of night class. Mom used to remind us that with the little education that she has she made the best out of it, so we should be far better than her. She attended sewing classes in Ipoh and later taught sewing back in Kampar. Mom is a very skillful tailor, demanding the very best quality and she sew over 95% of her clothing and ours back then. We still kept her Singer sewing machine, still functioning and in good order.

When the family was faced with financial difficulties in the mid 70s - mid 80s, mom raised the family single handedly. She saved and endure hardships just to get the family united, we don't mind going through the hardship with her because seeing her persistence and preserverance make us feel all worth while.

Mom was specially facinated with mahjong, a good player, she always said that mahjong is the one who keep her mind working and can prevent her from getting Alzheimer. Mom's other hobbies would be cooking fabulous dishes for us, home making and eating. Mom is a very creative woman of her time, always thinking new ways of doing things and created things out of ordinary items from home, she is also a doctor to herself, sometimes delaying proper doctor's consultation. A very hygienic person and a person who tolerates no nonsense.

Some of the special moments with her were:

1) Scaring her off by tapping her shoulder in the market, scolded badly by her
2) Fooling her by imitating my niece's and sister's voice over the phone
3) Sharing family times and old jokes on her bed, we laughed uncontrollably
4) Sleeping with her and salivate on her pillows, she detested the smell
5) Sleeping in between her and dad when I had a bad dream
6) Witnessing her "before dinner" preparation, mom always leave home, best groomed

I wish I could list all of them for my memories later part of my life. I have so much fond memories of her. Sometimes I still think mom is alive...... I miss her...

Monday, February 25, 2008


Mom, you are so dear to me,
Your love nurtured me,
Even though we have to be separated,
It’s just temporal.

Earthly separation is the beginning of eternity,
You are in safe arms now,
In the arms of your Maker,
So rest in peace, mom
Till we meet again.

Your love and presence will be in us forever.

My mom, my love, my permanent footprint

Mom was called back to the Lord on 18th Feb, 7.45pm with my brother, sister, husband and I by her side. She could not wait for dad to arrive, I believe to spare dad of the emotional pain.

I thank God that we made it on time to lead mom to the Lord on 17th Feb morning. She was admitted in ICU for breathing difficulties. She was perfectly 100% conscious and I thank God for the wonderful moments that we spent together that morning. She comforted me and asked me not to shed tears for her, hubby and I shared the assurance and hope of Jesus Christ to her, we showed her the way to respond and accept Jesus as her personal Savior and without second thought, mom was ready to accept, we lead her in prayer, she followed in her heart and from that moment God is in her life and she’s now the child of God. Mom wanted to be baptized but unfortunately she was not fit and conscious to go through the ceremony the next morning. One thing is for sure mom is now saved and in the hands of her Maker.

I held her hand that morning, I told her the story of the prodigal son, how God in the same way so willingly wanted to receive us and welcome us in His loving arms. I spoke word of assurance from the Bible to mom that we should not be concern over the world and things in it, we came with nothing and with nothing we shall go back to the Lord. This body of ours is just temporal, when we meet God face to face, He will give us a new body (no pain, no broken bones and in perfection). Mom nod in agreement.

The next few hours was spent holding her hands, stroking her beautiful hair, praying with and for her, calling her, feeding her with sips of water, comforting and just being with her. I’m glad mom did not have to go through a long period of physical suffering, God is good and gracious. We missed her terribly but knowing that she’s resting in the arms of the Lord comforted us.

My Michelle comforted me that we should not be crying as poh poh now is in heaven with God and Jesus, we should be happy and not sad, how true. I pledge to live out the values of mom in my life and to pass down her permanent foot prints to my children, grandchildren and many many more generations.

My salute and respect to the most influential woman in my life. She’s living in us now, leaving her permanent footprints in our hearts, mind and soul. She is a living legacy among those who know her, till we meet again in heaven. Mom will be in glorious white, smiling and we will rejoice together in the day to come.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Michelle & Emily prayed to accept Christ!

Yeah want to share something real meaningful, on Wednesday I called my sis to check on my mom, not much of improvement, so the girls and I prayed for her, each taking turns to say a prayer for "poh poh". After the prayer, I shared with them the message of salvation, how Jesus came to die for us on the cross to pay for the penalty of our sins. I asked them if they wanted to invite Jesus into their life and let Him be our guide, acknowledge that we all have sinned and need God to forgive us. They answered yes and to be sure I clarified with them, they fully understood and I lead them to prayer.

Michelle and Emily has accepted the Lord as their personal Savior! I taught them that they will need to let Jesus help them to be the kind of children that God desired and that the Holy Spirit is in them right now. We should not sin willingly but desired to become light of the world.

It's such a joyful event, we will need to pray hard for poh poh and kung kung to have the privilege to accept Jesus into their life. Amen

On another note, Phillipines, here I come, I'll be away for a 4 days trip starting from next Monday. The beginning of my "Quality Journey Program" at our Phillipines subsidiary. Will be staying in the heart of Manila this time, journey to the company will take 1-2 hours on a single trip depending on the traffic. I'm going to miss my family and will be back on time to celebrate little Emily's birthday on the 22nd Feb, my angel is turning four. She's such a darling, no more baby look, more like a little sweet growing girl finding her own identity, boundary..... she's asking for a pink tricycle in which we gladly fulfilled.....

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day, take this opportunity to hug, kiss your loved ones, I just did to my hubby this morning and my kids. Hubby brought me out for lunch just now, he brought me a box of assorted chocolates and a rose with little white bulbs. Can't recall what we did last year but it was certainly sweet of him to plan something simple and nice. I love you dear.

Know your drugs

Mom complained of numbness, muscle cramp and cronic pain at her entire right leg, forcing her to stay on bed most of the time. As a result both my sister and I tried to play doctor, I asked her to sms me the name of all the medication that mom is undertaking, I surfed over the internet to get detail information of the drugs, what drug for what, the posible side effects etc. Found that two of the drugs that she's taking may have caused the side effects, called her doctor this morning and the doctor claimed that the medication can be stopped once the swollen leg symptom is gone.......arrghhhhhhh he should have informed her earlier during the recent follow-up session and not take the medication blindly. According to sis mom was able to sleep for 6 hours yesterday, what a relieve.

I found that some doctors are simply so unprofessional, they should have taken time to explain to their patients/guardians the function and effect of each medication prescribed, be more compasionate towards their patients and to look into the details. Aren't these the primary responsibilities of a professional doctor? If I do not take the trouble to find more information on the drugs, then my mom could have intoxicated herself and God knows the consequences.

Please know what you are taking, educate yourself and your loved ones, with information just a click away, please take the trouble.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Chilli Hua /Tik Tik Kam

The kids get to play "Chili Hua" or Tik Tik Kam this cny. They enjoyed them so much, hubby bought 100 sticks (made in China) for RM20 and we all burnt it in two days time with the Sitiawan and Kampar gang respectively. The thing was so smoky but they all loved it, I bought a few packets of the traditionall "tik tik kam", the same old tik tik kam that I played 30 years ago, smokeless and cheaper, they get to play it back in Penang, so beautiful like burning stars.....

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Year, new learning

Chinese look forward to new year as it’s a symbol for everything new, life a new with new challenges, hope, happiness and prosperity. I went back home this year, starting a brand new learning in the course of my life. Mom broke her arm, her legs were weak, she has no choice but to temporally on a wheel chair. I did not get to know it until I was back on Sunday; she kept this from all of us, not wanting anyone of us to worry about her due to the traveling. I fed and bathed her for the first time. My heart was filled with so much emotion, I cried and questioned God.

I know it’s a part of life’s journey that one has to go through as one aged but the fact that it is happening to your loved one is hard to accept. Hubby is beside me all along, encouraging and trying his very best to bring some cheer and positive outlook to the whole situation.

Dad was exceptionally patience and loving at this point of time, taking the night shift where everyone was sound asleep, my sis took over for first 3 nights she was back, I took over when she left for KL, sister in-law helped out in the kitchen, brother spent time chatting with mom, if not for mom’s condition, we will not be so close knitted as a family. Hubby lead in prayer most of the nights, when hubby went back to Sitiawan for two days, little Emily took over, she closed her eyes and offered sweet prayer to the Lord, such a wonderful experience.

We finally persuaded mom and dad to be based in KL for the next few months so that sis can take care of mom’s diet, be a accompany to them, we in return will plan more trips to check on her condition.

Mom suffered from osteophytes (bone spurs) as well as osteoporosis, for her age it’s quite normal, I prayed that it will be less painful for her, for her legs to be energized again, her humurus bone to be healed so that once again she can perform the basics, our ultimate objective to get her walk again. I believe God is a God who heals, physically and spiritually.


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