Thursday, February 14, 2008

Know your drugs

Mom complained of numbness, muscle cramp and cronic pain at her entire right leg, forcing her to stay on bed most of the time. As a result both my sister and I tried to play doctor, I asked her to sms me the name of all the medication that mom is undertaking, I surfed over the internet to get detail information of the drugs, what drug for what, the posible side effects etc. Found that two of the drugs that she's taking may have caused the side effects, called her doctor this morning and the doctor claimed that the medication can be stopped once the swollen leg symptom is gone.......arrghhhhhhh he should have informed her earlier during the recent follow-up session and not take the medication blindly. According to sis mom was able to sleep for 6 hours yesterday, what a relieve.

I found that some doctors are simply so unprofessional, they should have taken time to explain to their patients/guardians the function and effect of each medication prescribed, be more compasionate towards their patients and to look into the details. Aren't these the primary responsibilities of a professional doctor? If I do not take the trouble to find more information on the drugs, then my mom could have intoxicated herself and God knows the consequences.

Please know what you are taking, educate yourself and your loved ones, with information just a click away, please take the trouble.

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