Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mama I love you!

The new semester had just started, as usual during the first week of the semester , blood pressure shoot up, heart pulse increase and I was like a mad lady attending to over 300 students and at the same time juggling all the consultation sessions in between the classes. Yesterday after such session I was totally drained out and suddenly I had an incoming sms with the following message (I copied 100%):

Sender: Mil (from mother in-law's handphone)
ma ma ^ ^ mummy, how are you? I am good. i love you (by emily)

Well, suddenly my heart was at peace, pressure went down and I grinned while looking at the message again and again, my 7 year old girl sure made my day.

I replied with the following message:

Mummy is good and fine, love you too :)


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