Monday, February 28, 2011

Emily girl

Emily turned 7 on the 22nd Feb 2011, thought of capturing her milestone all over again. Time indeed flies, my younger girl has grown up indeed and all I want to do is to thank God for her over and over again and of course for my elder girl too. I always reminded them that I love both of them just the same, no more no less, so they don't have to fight, argue just to get my attention and love.

Emily at 3 months old

Emily on her 1st birthday

Emily on her 3rd birthday

Emily on her 4th birthday

Emily on her 5th birthday

Emily, taken when she was six

Emily 7th birthday

Friday, February 11, 2011

What's in your name?

English Name – “Elaine” stands for bright, light or radiant and I remember my French lecturer used to comment that it the French variant for “Helen”. So I’m a bright shining radiant star!

Chinese Name – Middle character represents wisdom and last character represents beauty as the way of writing is synonym to a type of flower, of course the first character bears the family sir name.

So here I am, a bright shining radiant star with wisdom and beauty. Ha ha what say you ?


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