Friday, August 29, 2008

Pure joy

Recently one of our neighbor's daughter like to come over and play with the girls... almost everyday without fail... she likes Emily so much and Emily was so happy to become her jeh-jeh, (ordering her around and having someone submitting to her every request) :D

The other day they were playing and all of a sudden they started jumping and laughing until I've to shout and calmed them down (afraid they may knocked into sharp corners of the TV cabinet and table)... They were really enjoying themselves...funny why pure jumping, running, climbing can bring so much fun for them, they were laughing hysterically... Sometimes I wish I can have such pure joy..adults are too serious at times... we should learn from our children..

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Big Leap....

I made one of the major decision in life last week, that is to resign from my current company and move to a new totally environment. You see this is my first job since I graduated and it has been a great 12 years... this is certainly a big leap that I'm taking in my life. It's not an easy decision but I made it anyway. I'm going to miss my bosses and colleagues, we are more than comrades at work, some of us have grown into real good friends. I'm starting a new chapter of my working career soon....

Friday, August 22, 2008

Lives touching lives

Many times hubby and I will connect into deep conversations, in those deep conversations we will asked ourselves what is the purpose of our existence, what did God really want us to do for Him. What can we do so that one day when we present ourselves to God, we can confidently proclaim like Paul that we have run a good race and completed what God has called us to do.

We always believe that our core existence is to touch other’s life. Jesus spent his last three years doing just that and God sacrificed His son's life doing just that. Sometimes we questioned ourselves whether we are doing that or are we spending a big chunk of our life making money to support our family and desired lifestyle. In our daily dealings with people around us, did we seek to touch people’s lives, did we leave any positive print in other’s life or are we just an irrelevant object passing by people’s life, day in and day out?

So how can I use my life to touch other’s life? Below is my pledge:

1)I pledge to touch foremost my children’s life, so that when I leave this earth, God’s word will be woven into their life as a light to their path.
2)I pledge to touch my family member’s life and my friends’ who have yet to receive God, so that they can see my Father’s love.
3)I pledge to touch my colleagues’ life, so that in my official dealings at work, they could see a living example of honesty and integrity.
4)I pledge to touch other women’s life, so that through me they may be able to see God’s unique plan for each of them.

Life is too short and precious to just let the days go by without leaving a permanent footprint to those around us….

God gives me strength to walk my pledge so that when I face Him one day I can confidently say to my Lord just like Paul in 2 Timothy 4:7 “I have fought the good fight. I have completed the race. I have kept the faith.”

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mamas meet again

Mamas group will be meeting again this Sunday, while preparing for the session yesterday night, below are some discussion points that we are going to go through, I invite mamas out there to share your precious thoughts:

1) What are practical ways that mothers can support one another?
2) Why contentment is so important for mothers?
3) What are the impacts if contentment is not present?
4) How do you help other mothers to find fulfilment being a full time stay at home mom or full time working mom?

That's all I can remember.....

Pathetic pathetic

I'm sure for those who have been following Malaysia's politic scene knows what is the silliest happening in our world of politics. It's quite normal that in the game of politics one will use "dirty tactics' to bring down the opponent, whether the recent allegation made to one of our opposition main figure has any truth or not, the whole thing is really pathetic...

Sometimes I wonder how many politicians out there are really serving their nation out of genuine care for their people and not due to personal agendas... But one thing is sure, human morality is really decaying.... one could hardly imagine what one is capable of doing out of greed for power and status. It's pretty hard to judge who is the bad and good guy now even with all the so called proofs on hand, proofs too can be fabricated... how scary.

What will happen to Malaysia's politics in the long run? Who will be the next one to lead our country to the next level. What will happen to our generations to come? Only God knows and I pray God will have mercy on our land, on our leaders.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Meow Meow

I personally think that Emily looks super cute and adorable in above photo. You can see her eyes are so round and big. She loves being a cat so much that when I was taking dinner at times, she will crawl on her fours and came near the dining table... meowing and asking for food, I "feeded" her and she responded with a contended "meow" before walking away....

"Ngoi leng ng ngoi meng"

Hubby and I brought our girls for ear piercing last Saturday; Michelle has been bugging me for quite some time. I promise her we’ll have her ears pierced during the school holidays so that in the event things turn ugly (ear lobe got infected…), we still have a few days at home to tackle that.

As usual Emily wanted to follow suit lar.... I know I know, it’s a bit too small for her, since she’s keen and Jeh Jeh did not even made a single sound when her ears are being pierced, she wanted it too… so give her lar… (Girls…. “ngoi leng ng ngoi meng”).

Ta da… here is Michelle’s… Emily refused to be photographed. Thank God nothing “ugly” happens…. And they have been very discipline restraining themselves from touching their ear lobes…

I only had my ears pierced when I was 17, how about you?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Badminton Craze...

Hubby and I decided to go and watch a famous choir group in town rather that watching the badminton final between Lee Chong Wei (M'sia) and Lin Dan (China). So we passed this important assignment to our angels at home. The girls are all gear up for the match, they are quite crazy about badminton lately because daddy has been training them for the past few weeks (hubby inspired them to represent Malaysia in Olympics later, LOL).

MIL cited that lil Emily was so engrossed watching the match that she wee wee on the sofa.... she was holding her urine and can't make it on time to the for Michelle, he keep on lamenting "Aiyah Lee Chong Wei, why like that one!"

This is our conversation this morning:

Me: Michelle, Malaysia lose already hor :(
Michelle: Ya lor... Lee Chong Wei no energy lor
Me: What did he score?
Michelle: First game 12, second game 8, he did better in his first game (so clever hor).Ai yoh he always fell down, the shuttle cock always at the net and always out of the line meh...
Me: (Amused by her details)... nevermind lor, at least he got second place mah..
Michelle: He don't have "jing sen"... (she talks like an adult right?)LOL
Me: Yeah, probably he's too "ken cheong"...

Aside to Chong Wei... though you are not able to bring back Malaysia first Olympic gold, we are proud of you for bringing Malaysia thus far.. so don't be discourage ya! Jia you jia you...

Winning & Losing

There is a Chinese proverb that says that winning and losing are part of life’s journey, one should not be too concerned over it and move on. Now how do you teach a four and six year old this concept?

It’s pretty normal for children to feel rather unhappy when they experience losing moment in their life. We adults will feel the same way, what more for children right? Hubby and I believe that we need to teach them to deal with “losing” in the course of their life. Emily being more emotional and sensitive finding it harder to accept such moment compared to Michelle who is more matured in her thinking.

Recently due to the Olympics fever, we frequently group together in front of our TV set following the progress of the events on air. We take this time to teach them the lesson of winning and losing. We stressed that it’s part of the game that one will win and the other lose, when we win we should not be too proud over it, when we lose we should not be too concerned over it also… and to my kids losing means crying...

We stressed that if one lose one should try again…. Games are meant to be fun and we should learn to enjoy the process not so much on the outcome…. So far the girls are taking this positively and I can see improvement on Emily’s part even though it’s still hard for her not to cry when she loses in games. She asked me why the players in the TV cried after winning. I told her it’s the tears of joy, the player is too happy...I think she’s quite confused… anyway I do hope they catch what we are trying to teach them… Aiyo,it’s certainly not easy to bring up children nowadays…

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Now and Then

Hubby asked me to take more of the girls' pictures as they are growing up fast. Michelle will be attending Primary 1 next year and Emily K1, this morning I took their pictures in their kindy uniform and just now manage to dig a photo back in 2004, below are the now and then look.... I thank God for my princesses, just want to tell both of you that mummy and daddy love both of you very very very....... much, muak muak muak muak...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Love in action

I blog about this good book that hubby brought for Michelle's birthday, well we are still deligently using it as the kids' bedtime stories. On Monday night the moral of the story talked about showing love in action, below is our conversation:

Me: Think of how you can show love to one another, we start with Emily. Emily, how you show that you love jeh jeh?
Emily: Hmm... thinking hard, when jeh jeh fall down I help her to get up..
Me: That's good, now jeh jeh's turn, how you show that you love mei mei?
Jeh Jeh: Hmm.... thinking hard... hmm...... cannot think lar...
Me: Think! I'll come back to you later...
Emily: Now mummy's turn, how you show you love daddy leh?
Me: Ah..cheeky girl, when daddy come back late from work, I scoop rice for daddy and heat up the soup for him...
Emily: Hmm... good!
Me: Jeh Jeh, back to you...
Jeh Jeh:I helped Emily take her bottle to the basin...
Me: That's good... all smiling...

Yesterday, hubby came back late... I scooped rice and heat up soup for him, then cheeky Emily said "Ar mummy, now you are showing love to daddy ar?"... I smile at her.. she's so adorable... :D

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Good words, bad words

I always reminded my daughters that they should speak only good words, bad words are strictly prohibited in our home, below are some funny conversations we have the other day:

Conversation 1:
The kids were quarelling and uttering not so good words to each other:
Me: How many mouth that God gave us?
Girls: One
Me: How may ears that God gave us?
Girls: Two
Me: Why do you think God only gave us one mouth and two ears leh?
Girls: Puzzled??
Me: So that we talk less and listen more, so both of you should listen when mommy, daddy, teacher and ah mah talks and don't be so "chee jah"
Girls: Oh... :(

Conversation 2:
Michelle: (Proudly and confidently)There are 4 bad words that we should not say at home.
Me: What are they?
Michelle: Word no 1 - "stupid"
Me: Okay
Michelle: Word no 2 - "Oh my god"
Me: Hmm.... good
Michelle: Word no 3 - "Wah lau eh"
Me: Who teach you that??
Michelle: Word no 4 - "Sen jing ping" - crazy in mandarin
Me and hubby: :D
Emily: We cannot say "wei" and "hei" also... very rude hor...
Me: Hmm... that's right... good girls...

You see, we don't use above 4 words, so obviously this must be coming from her friends at school....

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Andropause - Menopause in men

We always associated menopause to women but recently FIL has been experiencing health discomfort. He came up to stay with us last few weeks for a couple of days, did the necessary check-ups in a private hospital and was declared free from any diseases. In fact he was perfectly fine during his few days stay with us. Last two days, hubby and MIL received a call from him and he indicated the symtoms came back and he's feeling terribly uncomfortable... fever at certain hour of the day, totally OK the next and fever again the next day... increased heart beat and the cycle continues... hmm... we are trying to figure out what's wrong with him and hubby is thinking of bringing him to a traditional acupuncture practitioner... for a change...

We suspected it may due to menopause, I goggle it this morning and found this:

"Everyone knows that menopause is associated with women who reach a certain age. However, not many people are aware that menopause will also be experienced by the male population when they also reach a certain age. The male menopause condition or also known as andropause is very real and as a male, you have to be informed about it in order to cope with it.

Male menopause occurs when you reach the age of about 50 to early 60's. The signs and symptoms of male menopause are quite similar to what women experience when they are going through the menopause.

However, unlike the female menopause where the production of hormones stops instantly, the male menopause will only decline in the production of male hormones called testosterone. This decline will result in the different signs and symptoms that you will experience when you go through male menopause.

Male menopause will have symptoms similar to menopause that women experience, such as fatigue, infertility, hot flashes, and mood swings. However, there are more symptoms that men should be aware of when they experience male menopause.

You have to consider that you will also experience erectile dysfunction, loss of interest in sex, depression, and anxiety. There are also other symptoms linked to male menopause. Some men reported that they became more motherly. It is a fact that males are more focused on money, power, and career. When they experience male menopause, they somewhat reported that they became more focused on family, and friends, which is the primary concerns of women. Sometimes they say that they regretted their former attitude."

Hmm.... I wonder if those fever episodes were actually hot flashes??? Anyone out there with relatives/friends experiencing the same symptoms as my FIL, please do share...

I joke with my FIL that maybe he could be lonely... because he was absolutely healthy and fine when he's with us for that week..... He did not acknowledged that and start sharing how he spend his days back in he kills time and enjoy life back home (even without MIL around)... I suggested he could come up and stay with us if he wants to... in which I doubted for he may not get to "yam cha" and "lepak" with his kampung friends, ride his bike everywhere he wants to, certainly not able to visit his oil palm plantation....

Monday, August 4, 2008


A game of scrabble? Why not. That was exactly what we did last Friday after exhausting new ideas to play with the kids. The game started with Michelle and I, later hubby and Emily joined in. The kids got bored easily and it ended up hubby and I played, the girls did the shuffling and selecting the letter that they like.. within 30 minutes into the game, hubby gave up and we "sau tong" (close shop) :( Anybody got any new games? I'm running out of games to play with my kids....


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