Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Good words, bad words

I always reminded my daughters that they should speak only good words, bad words are strictly prohibited in our home, below are some funny conversations we have the other day:

Conversation 1:
The kids were quarelling and uttering not so good words to each other:
Me: How many mouth that God gave us?
Girls: One
Me: How may ears that God gave us?
Girls: Two
Me: Why do you think God only gave us one mouth and two ears leh?
Girls: Puzzled??
Me: So that we talk less and listen more, so both of you should listen when mommy, daddy, teacher and ah mah talks and don't be so "chee jah"
Girls: Oh... :(

Conversation 2:
Michelle: (Proudly and confidently)There are 4 bad words that we should not say at home.
Me: What are they?
Michelle: Word no 1 - "stupid"
Me: Okay
Michelle: Word no 2 - "Oh my god"
Me: Hmm.... good
Michelle: Word no 3 - "Wah lau eh"
Me: Who teach you that??
Michelle: Word no 4 - "Sen jing ping" - crazy in mandarin
Me and hubby: :D
Emily: We cannot say "wei" and "hei" also... very rude hor...
Me: Hmm... that's right... good girls...

You see, we don't use above 4 words, so obviously this must be coming from her friends at school....


little prince said...

I must set good example for my son oso.. hmm

Wai Wai said...

Little prince, yeah... they modeled after us... we must be a living example in our words, deeds and thoughts, scary isn't it??

miche said...

that day i got a shock when my belle scolded "stupid". i asked her who taught her, she said no one. my guess all wrong; must be from school coz we dont use stupid at home. :(

Wai Wai said...

Michelle, yeah... everyday I asked my girls what happen in school and they will normally report everything from a - z....

MamaJo said...

My boys always used the first 3 words...except 'shen jing pin'....guess no one in the school is using it at the moment...."hard" to tell them not to use it......it is just like 'learn bad take you 3 seconds, learn good take you ages'


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