Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Andropause - Menopause in men

We always associated menopause to women but recently FIL has been experiencing health discomfort. He came up to stay with us last few weeks for a couple of days, did the necessary check-ups in a private hospital and was declared free from any diseases. In fact he was perfectly fine during his few days stay with us. Last two days, hubby and MIL received a call from him and he indicated the symtoms came back and he's feeling terribly uncomfortable... fever at certain hour of the day, totally OK the next and fever again the next day... increased heart beat and the cycle continues... hmm... we are trying to figure out what's wrong with him and hubby is thinking of bringing him to a traditional acupuncture practitioner... for a change...

We suspected it may due to menopause, I goggle it this morning and found this:

"Everyone knows that menopause is associated with women who reach a certain age. However, not many people are aware that menopause will also be experienced by the male population when they also reach a certain age. The male menopause condition or also known as andropause is very real and as a male, you have to be informed about it in order to cope with it.

Male menopause occurs when you reach the age of about 50 to early 60's. The signs and symptoms of male menopause are quite similar to what women experience when they are going through the menopause.

However, unlike the female menopause where the production of hormones stops instantly, the male menopause will only decline in the production of male hormones called testosterone. This decline will result in the different signs and symptoms that you will experience when you go through male menopause.

Male menopause will have symptoms similar to menopause that women experience, such as fatigue, infertility, hot flashes, and mood swings. However, there are more symptoms that men should be aware of when they experience male menopause.

You have to consider that you will also experience erectile dysfunction, loss of interest in sex, depression, and anxiety. There are also other symptoms linked to male menopause. Some men reported that they became more motherly. It is a fact that males are more focused on money, power, and career. When they experience male menopause, they somewhat reported that they became more focused on family, and friends, which is the primary concerns of women. Sometimes they say that they regretted their former attitude."

Hmm.... I wonder if those fever episodes were actually hot flashes??? Anyone out there with relatives/friends experiencing the same symptoms as my FIL, please do share...

I joke with my FIL that maybe he could be lonely... because he was absolutely healthy and fine when he's with us for that week..... He did not acknowledged that and start sharing how he spend his days back in he kills time and enjoy life back home (even without MIL around)... I suggested he could come up and stay with us if he wants to... in which I doubted for he may not get to "yam cha" and "lepak" with his kampung friends, ride his bike everywhere he wants to, certainly not able to visit his oil palm plantation....

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