Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sweet slumber

I thank God that the girls still wanted me to sleep with them every night even now that they are already 9 and 7 respectively. The rule of the arrangement is - I can leave their room only after they fell asleep. Yesterday as usual after our devotion time together and prayer, we snugged into our blankets, turned the lights off and closed our eyes. To my surprise both girls came real close to me hugging me and claimed that they were both scared but at the same time they were happily giggling away. After checking out the reason for their fear, I realized they were just finding excuses to hug me and sort of to get my attention, anyway I was just so happy to be sandwiched in between the girls and three of us dozed of in no time. That's the reward of motherhood. As time flies I know one day they'll probably kick me out of their room to take control of their own privacy or when they outgrew and their two single beds can no longer accomodate three and sometimes four (+ daddy) of us. As for now I think I'll sleep with them as long as they want me to.


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