Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to our dear Emily

Today is Emily's Birthday...22nd Feb..222. Five years ago Emily was eagered to come to this world, a week earlier (her due date was supposed to be on the 29th Feb!!) I guessed she doesn't quite like the idea of celebrating her birthday once in four years. Happy Birthday my dear Emily, mummy prayed the below prayer for you yesterday night:

Thank God for His blessings in your life for the past 5 years, thank God that you have continued to grow healthily. Mommy prayed that you will continue to grow into a child God wants you to be and God helps mommy and daddy to bring you up according to His will. We thank God for your energy, laughter and joy you bring into our lives. Happy blessed 5th Birthday.

Below is one of our conversation:
Me : Emily, you know the meaning of "sen re"
Emily: "Sen re" is birthday lor
Me : Yes, but what is the meaning of birthday leh
Emily : Birthday lar
Me : Birthday is the day mommy push you out from the stomach and you are out into this world
Emily : Oh...
Me : Very painful one leh
Emily : Thank you thank you mommy
Me : Why say thank you twice?
Emily: Thank you for delivering me and thank you for the birthday present mah..
Me : :D

To top it up, daddy suggested we went and try Domino Pizza... aiyoh, first time ordering, we ordered the thin crust and when the ordered came... we were quite stunned, it doesn't look like the picture displayed and no where looks like the normal pizza that we used to have at Pizza Hut, this crunchy super thin crust is just like a piece of biscuit... taste wise still okay but it didn't fill our stomachs, no value for the money we paid leh.... :( So we all decided this is the first and last of the super thin crust thing... or probably the last of Domino pizza for the family... LOL

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

SAHM's tale

I have not been updating my blog regularly nowadays. Having more time at home doesn't mean more time for blogging... hmm.... because most of the time occupied with the kids and doing a whole bunch of miscellaneous tasks at home. In fact I find it quite challenging preparing lectures at home. Yesterday I locked myself in the room after negotiated with lil old Emily, I told her that I'll come out of the room when I'm done and then we could spend time playing and doing whatever she wants. She on the other hand suppose to occupy herself ( I recommended a whole list on what she could do) while I prepared my lecture.

Ha ha... after 20 minutes or so, here came the knocking... "mummy, mummy could you open the door and see what I've built"... I opened the door, looked at her work of art, kissed her and locked the door... 10 minutes passed by... the little one came knocking again, this time requesting to be in the room "I'll keep quiet, I want to accompany you, I....." Aiyah..... This follows by a series of reasoning, "threatening" and there goes my lecture.... Okay I gave up, left the door wide open so that she could come in and out of the room and I struggling to complete what I need to do.....

Kids... with them it's too noisy, without them it's so quiet...can't really live without them eh...

Friday, February 6, 2009

A glimpse of what we did last hol

As promised below are some snapshots of what we did last hols...

A time for rest and relax

A time for nature

A time to check on the chicks

A time to admire beautiful flowers

For sisterhood

For homecook food of course!! Yummy

For bonding with loved ones

For some bubble time

A time to dress up...

For yummy ice-cream

Time to enjoy "kampung" firework display...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Beh "Tahan liao"

This morning I snapped at college, really "beh tahan" liao, besides delivering my usual class lecture, I decided it's time I deliver a "personal how to behave like a student" lecture. I spelled out my expectation to the students clearly as below:

1) Be punctual to class
2) Keep their h/phones all super silent and no "SMS" during lecture, very disrespectful
3) Do all activities required, stop giving lame excuses
4) Show me a little initiative... so far they are very dissapointng
5) I told them if they are just killing time attending college, then.. it's so sad
6) Finally their dress code and posture in class, one even sits with her both feet on the chair (just imagine!!!)

Well, welcome to the world of lecturing eh... let's hope I still keep my job after the lecture session.... teachers/lecturers nowadays need to clean up a lot of attitude problem and really have to involve in character building, I mean real basic character and manners education. I'm hoping to start a blog on education, I'm sure a lot of teachers out there got a lot to share and burst about...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

No "Gong Xi Fa Cai"

Below is one conversation lil Emily with FIL back in hometown:

FIL: "Amoly" (this is how FIL pronounced "Emily"), why never wish ah gong "Gong Xi Fa Cai"?
Emily: Cannot wish people "Gong Xi Fa Cai"
FIL: Why?
Emily: "Gong Xi Fa Cai" means you are greedy.. love of money
FIL: Ha???
Emily: My teacher taught us that, can wish "Xin Nien Kuai Le", "Sen Ti Jian Kang"
FIL: If you don't wish your "kung kung" - my dad "Gong Xi Fa Cai", he will not like it
Emily: Cannot wish.. aiyoh...

Ha ha ha... such a cutie.

We're back

Yeap, we're back after 9 long days of holiday, makes all of us so lazy....zzzz. We had a great time especially the kids, they get to consume all "illegal" food and drinks, the amount they consumed in those 9 days is equivalent to whole year quota!! The result... mouth ulcers and hard stools.. Haiz just as much as I tried to stop them, the grandfathers, aunt, cousins spoiled them badly... not good not good..

Will post a picture post later on what we've done during cny.

Oh yeah, we set up our skype and webcam last 2 days and now busy playing with it, we got hooked up with my brother (in S'pore) and sister (in KL) and having the opportunity to chat and see their faces while chatting is real fun. The kids screamed and was totally carried away by it, can't really talk, all we did is to show funny funny action, sharing "food" over skype and heaps of laughter.

Stay tuned for my next posting ya!


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