Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mid-life crisis?

A lot of thoughts playing in my mind recently. I'm not sure if I'm going through a mid-life mini-crisis or simply I let my feelings controlled me lately. I've been thinking quite a lot about decisions that I made and "what ifs" situations, I must admit this is not the usual me. I'm quite a decisive person, yes means yes, no means no, usually would not allow myself to dwell into uncertaintaties and wishful thinking.

I don't know you all out there has this wish... occasionally I wish that I could see a glimpse of what the future holds, what I'll be doing and how the kids will be doing. Will I be a SAHM, have more kids, work from home or start a family business. Ha ha ha sounds like I'm really in a mid-life crisis eh?

I thank God that through this time He stir me to think about my remaining time on earth, I've been asking myself the following questions:
1) What do God wants out of me?
2) How long will I remain in the rat race?
3) Is God leading me to walk the walk of faith?
4) How do you want to touch people's lifes?
5) Do you want to live your life the way it is?

Hmmm.... very deep questions indeed, I think I need to find time, be still and be honest to myself. This morning while I was driving to work, I realized a spider has made a web between the side's mirror and the driver's door the night before, as I drove passed 40-50km/hour it is still holding tight to its web, struggling and hanging on. Just now as I was reading a devotional material, the passage today talks about preseverance. Somehow God is trying to tell me something and I'm still searching, may He grant me the wisdom to distinguish the sounds of my selfish desire and His will.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hand, feet and mouth disease

"Hand, feet and mouth disease", this is what my panel doctor commented when I went to see her last evening. Yup, you read it right. When I questioned the doctor she commented that I was the second adult patient diagnosed by her with the disease, in which normally attacks children. Okay at least I'm not the first one. So what do I got here... I have around 10-15 blisters on my palm, 1 each under my feet, a small tiny one at the wall of my mouth, no fever, besides the itchy feeling I'm perfectly okay. This morning, hubby went for his Hep B injection, I went in to get a second opinion, the doctor commented that the oldest patient she ever detected was 20 years old, which means I broke the record lar... She said it is quite harmless as long I don't develop fever and breathing difficulties.

In fact as I recalled, the 2 girls, hubby and I were suffering from sore throat last week, Emily has some blisters over her feet too, I apply some "Campak" and she has fully recovered. Last two days, we found out one of our neighbor's daughter who attended the same kindy as our girls were hospitalized for HFM disease too. Hmm.. I guessed they must have got it either from school or each other, since we always emphasized that the girls drink plenty of water and treat their symtoms at the earliest stage, these must have prevented the disease from overpowering the girls. Thank God for it.

As for me, I will just need to apply some Camomile lotion and let the blisters went off naturally...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Everything home made...

MIL has been a vivid cook lately. I decided to stop catering last month considering that MIL has successfully acquired the skills required to fully cook for the family. To put her to test before certifying that she has indeed "graduated", we gave her a challenge to cook all the meals for the family (poor her). We must say she has indeed passed with flying colors and we are now enjoying the fruit of her labor. We are privilege to have home cook food from Mon - Friday, not just that MIL has also acquired skills of making fruit enzymes, yogurt, buns and cakes - means healthier food for the family.

The kids are away for sunday school camp, MIL went to help out in preparing food for the camp.Hubby and I had a very simple meal today, fruits and home made yogurt as appetizer followed by "oat pau" and beans soup as our main meal - all home made. Let's hope MIL maintain her skills and be continually motivated to prepare more good and healthier food for the family.

Home made yogurt + green apples and dragon fruit jellies..

Dotting painter

We realized a great improvement in Emily's coloring and drawing skills. When her principal commented that Emily is gifted in drawing for her age, I was not convince then until lately she started to draw at home. Hmm...only now I can relate to her principal earlier comment. She loves drawing and coloring and most of her masterpieces ended up as gifts for her teachers and friends. Of course she drew for mummy and daddy as well, she will draw, color and sometimes cut them in odd shapes and place them on my dressing table. She told us to use them as book marks, I must admit she "chopped" down a lot of trees in the course of pursuing her hobby as she will discard any drawing that is not "perfect" and end up throwing a lot of papers. My box of recycle papers are depleting, anyone who wants to donate some, please let me know ya!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Michelle blogging here...

Hello... I have Michelle here with me, she was real curious seeing her pictures in my blog. Let me get Michelle to blog too....

(Written on her behalf)

"I'm Chloe's best friend, I'm six years old, I like to do hand work. I love to go to beach, last Tuesday I went to the beach with my friends and teachers. We collected a lot of sea shells for our art work next week. We played two games, took some snack, washed up and went back to school. I love to play this game - we call our friend's name and he/she will take his/her chair and sit at the back of the line..."

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Girl's Graduation - Part 2

Just want to share some of our girls' graduatio/concert photos...

Michelle and her best friend, Chloe in their graduation robes.

Two pairs of sisters, can you spot Emily? Really funky eh?

My sister and I together with my younger niece who came all the way from KL...

Landed property? Not for now..

Hubby and I were "shopping" for landed property for the past months, Saturdays were basically spent viewing houses near and far. We actually shorlisted a few and contemplate to purchase but was busted by the recent economy situation. We sort of step on the brake and pull the hand brake as well. Thank God we have not purchase yet. We decided not to land ourselves in more "debts" during this period of time. Know what? I felt a sense of peace after making this decision, after all we were quite clear that it's not God's plan for us to own a landed property now and we are perfectly contended with our current home. I must admit the temptation is still very strong... ha ha ha. We decided to invest in a brand new PC instead, hooked up the broadband so that I can be back on track in blogging, this should keep me from thinking of the nice house that I wanted to own...he he he....

Monday, November 17, 2008

Back to action!

Yuppy, finally hubby has arranged for our streamyx to be up and running, this means back to normal blogging again after a few weeks of being sort of inactive. Thanks for you all out there who still drop by and leave a message or two. I can now follow-up on my favourite blogs again.

Have been extremely busy lately, ha ha you must be wondering what keep me busy in this economy downtime? Busy catching up with my new work lor, now it's a good time to catch up since the company's business has slowed down by almost 50%. I must say I joined the company at the wrong time,once docked in, the company started on cost savings measure, zero OT....... Anyhow thank God I still have a job in spite of this global economy downturn...

I wonder how are you all doing out there? Hopefully none of us will be retrenched..

I'm going to visit some of your blogs out there.. catch up with you all very soon..

Friday, November 7, 2008

I Will Survived?

I survived my first month at the new company, below is the progress:

1st week – culture shock, marathon meetings
2nd week – brain washing and expansion (unlearn and learn)
3rd week – exploration and observation
4th week – participation, slowly making sense of things around me, it’s like a jigsaw puzzle… I’m putting it piece by piece…

Engineers there are expected to become and behave like one, not just bearing the title but nowadays everyone is an engineer, now we have:

Sales engineer
Customer service engineer
Quality assurance engineer
Process engineer
Domestic engineer --- home maker LOL

One need not have an engineering major to hold an engineer title….

Our Girl's Graduation

Michelle graduated from K2 last Saturday. As a parent, it’s a moment of proud and joy. A couple of weeks back, the school arranged for their photo to be taken from a studio, professionally done with the graduation robe, mortar and mock certificate. A copy of the photo was placed side by side with my graduation photo, hmm…. Like mother like daughter, of course I would have to wait another 15-17 years before she actually graduate from tertiary education. (A long way)

Hubby and I was the emcee of the day, we’ve been doing this for a few years already but this year was quite different especially when we announced our daughter’s name, can’t actually expressed it through words.

Michelle delivered the student’s representative speech flawlessly, she has been practicing that for almost 2 months, line by line, paragraph by paragraph, she excelled academically, bagged awards in writing and drawing competition. I must praised Michelle for her effort, pro-activeness, it’s our wish that she finds joy and fun in acquiring knowledge. Through the concert I can see Michelle improved in her motor skill too, she performed two dance items and 2 songs. I’m honored to be a “sing mah” – mother of a star for a day.

We were amazed of Emily’s courage on the stage too, showed no sign of stage fright, she truly enjoyed her dance and songs presentation. Hubby joked that the school will need to pay “performance fees” to us…


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