Friday, November 21, 2008

Dotting painter

We realized a great improvement in Emily's coloring and drawing skills. When her principal commented that Emily is gifted in drawing for her age, I was not convince then until lately she started to draw at home. Hmm...only now I can relate to her principal earlier comment. She loves drawing and coloring and most of her masterpieces ended up as gifts for her teachers and friends. Of course she drew for mummy and daddy as well, she will draw, color and sometimes cut them in odd shapes and place them on my dressing table. She told us to use them as book marks, I must admit she "chopped" down a lot of trees in the course of pursuing her hobby as she will discard any drawing that is not "perfect" and end up throwing a lot of papers. My box of recycle papers are depleting, anyone who wants to donate some, please let me know ya!

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