Friday, November 21, 2008

Everything home made...

MIL has been a vivid cook lately. I decided to stop catering last month considering that MIL has successfully acquired the skills required to fully cook for the family. To put her to test before certifying that she has indeed "graduated", we gave her a challenge to cook all the meals for the family (poor her). We must say she has indeed passed with flying colors and we are now enjoying the fruit of her labor. We are privilege to have home cook food from Mon - Friday, not just that MIL has also acquired skills of making fruit enzymes, yogurt, buns and cakes - means healthier food for the family.

The kids are away for sunday school camp, MIL went to help out in preparing food for the camp.Hubby and I had a very simple meal today, fruits and home made yogurt as appetizer followed by "oat pau" and beans soup as our main meal - all home made. Let's hope MIL maintain her skills and be continually motivated to prepare more good and healthier food for the family.

Home made yogurt + green apples and dragon fruit jellies..


Little Inbox said...

Oh,lucky you! I have to cook on my own after working ler...Weekend also le. :(

Wai Wai said...

It's nothing like home cood food... I have this crazy little idea in me.. may want to venture into a little business at home.. got to do with cooking :)


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