Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dating at home

Below conversation at our dinner table on Tuesday evening:

Me: Tomorrow mummy and daddy not coming back for dinner and ah mah got to fetch Michelle from school.

Ah mah(MIL): Oh

The girls: Why, where are both of you going?

Me: Mummy and daddy are planning to go for a movie, dating..

Michelle: (In her papaya face)… both of you not good one!

Emily: Bring us along..

Me: No we can’t, it’s a weekday and both of you got school the next day, besides the movie is in Cantonese, both of you won’t understand.

The girls: As usual showing their protesting face

Emily: Why both of you need to go dating leh?

Me: Because we love each other.. once a while need to go out dating, strengthen our relationship..

Michelle: Eeeya… geli lor

Emily: Date at home lar

Me: Dating means going out, just both of us..

Emily: Both of you hide in one place and date at home lar…

All of us: Laugh at her proposal….

Isn’t she cute? By the way, after much protesting and coaxing we finally could go out and enjoy our dinner, movie cum light shopping.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Why things are not smooth sailing...

A very close friend asked me why bad things happened to us and worst still why bad things happened at a time when we thought we had it all, it could be at the peak of our career, the best years of our lives, the smooth sailing and have it all moment… To that question I honestly told her that I don’t know but one thing I’m sure of is it happened for a purpose. God allows it to happen for a good purpose in His special plan for each of His children…The following quote came to me:

“God didn't promise days without pain,
laughter without sorrow,
sun without rain,
but He did promise
strength for the day,
comfort for the tears
and light for the way.”

So even we do not understand now (most often times we don’t), we will when He decides to reveal to us.

Coming to think of her question… it made me think why certain “bad” things happened to me and below are some reveals from the Lord..

* Why I had to suffer a break-up in the first serious relationship – so that I could find someone who is just right for me and that someone is my loving hubby for the past 10 years
* Why I had to go through a miscarriage when I was first diagnosed as a mother – so that I could comfort those who are in the same position
* Why my mom had to leave us in such a short period of time – so that I see the urgency of salvation in her life
* Why I had to leave the comfort of my 10 over years secured career and landed for something which pays me only ½ of what I used to earn – so that I realized the gift in me, use it, and yet not bothered by material accumulation

Only God knows why, at the mean time all we need to do is to cling on to Him.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy new year, we're back!

Happy new year!

Hi I’m back, it has been quite a while since I last updated this blog, if you are wondering what has been happening to me and my loved ones for the past month, well we sort of recovered from the poxy thing, started to wallop simply everything though some advised that we should still abstain from certain food.. bad mummy with no self control!!

We have moved to our new place on the brand new year day – 01.01.2010 though it was not 100% completed (stubborn me, since time is not at our side and the goal is to move in before school reopens, we barged into our new home anyway).

To break the “moving house and unpacking record”, MIL, hubby and I cleared all 50 over boxes in two days working around the clock from the wee hours in the morning to the late hours in the evenings. Then barely a day for us to rest, the kids need to go back to school and me to the college to start a brand new semester with added responsibilities.

All this lead to an episode of gigantic gastric which started from my birthday to the end of the week and numbness to my right toe. Thank God I’ve recovered fully from gastric but till now still experiencing numbness to my right toe, I would appreciate if anyone out there knows what could be the possible cause?? A check from the internet reveals a whole list of possible diseases!! Hubby suggested that I try walking bare foot in the garden every morning to improve blood circulation…. Let’s see if this helps!

On another note, living in the new house has been both a blessed and frustrated experience. Blessed because it is through the grace of God that we can stay in this new place, frustrated in the sense that though already in our third week yet I still feel kind of disoriented… I find myself rummaging and searching for things, switching on and off the wrong switches, forgetting where I left things, opening and closing the wrong cabinets/drawers, walking up and down the stairs aimlessly… wish everything are labeled and I can clearly tag them like what they did in hypermarkets…. But then again I don’t think it’s a good idea. Guess we need more time to adjust to how things are being run here..

We are not planning for any house warming but probably will open up to some close friends and neighbors for fellowship over meals…. At the mean time, we are now targeting the garden. Do stay tune for before and after effect of our new home soon….till then.. bye


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