Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What we've been doing...

Belated blessed Christmas... I was too busy over the holidays so all these are back dated post. We were busy preparing for Christmas celebration, followed by a 2 day/1 night trip with a few families, back to work for 3 days and passing the baton to the next person taking over my position. Today is my last working day at my second manufacturing job.... two resignations in a year. I broke many records indeed this year. Tomorrow is a brand new beginning for me, what a nice way to start the new year ahead.... I'm looking forward spending more time at home, hopefully the kids do not drive me nuts.

So here are a glimpse of what has been happening to us:

25th Dec morning, the kids woke up and start searching for their presents under the Christmas tree, tearing the wrappers and unveiling our surprises for them... see their messy hair...

The day followed by Christmas celebration at Vistana hotel with loved ones and close friends... here is a family portrait...

26th Dec
The kids went over to a friend's house to share their Christmas presents... they played make-up and barbie dolls... The mummies cooked lunch..

27th Dec morning
I decided to surprise them with a special homemade breakfast, button mushroom with egg, toasted bread spread richly in butter, peach, tomatoes served with a glass of fresh milk... hmm... delicious indeed

27th Dec - 28th Dec
We went to Cinta Sayang Golf Resort in SP for a night stay, we went to the Carnival, a waterpark for some water fun...

Michelle with Chloe and Kenneth koko

29th Dec - 31st Dec
Back to work, I'll be staying away from manufacturing environment for now.... ha what a relief!!

Here wishing all of you out there a very Happy New Year 2009, may the year ahead brings good health, joy, contentment to your family...

Friday, December 19, 2008

I shall find rest

I have an annoucement to make, I tendered my resignation this morning after working only 2 months + in the new company. This is not an easy decision especially in this economy downturn and I know I will see a lot of raised eye brows because of this decision.

Firstly I want to thank hubby for his understanding and untidying support these past weeks, we have gone through few sessions of discussions, hubby helped me in some soul searching sessions, he helped me in evaluating things and to see things in a more neutral and realistic angle. Most importantly he assured me of his support. No doubt I struggled but God has given me the assurance that He will provide to all our needs, be it physical, emotional or spiritual.

This year I've gone through major events in life and the fact that I'm still who I am is through the grace of God. My mom passed away in February and I resigned twice within 4 months after working for 12+ years in the same company. None of my family members knew about it yet except hubby.

So what is my plan now? Firstly is to really have time-off for myself, time-off here simply means let my days go by without having to wake up by the alarm and no routine schedule, I simply want to rest in the Lord, be still in Him, spent quality time with my children and hubby. Catch up with some of my hobbies ... gardening, cooking, reading and knitting.

Of course the household income has reduced by half, we did some calculation and hubby gave the green light, with his blessings we are going to go through this time together. Will I be a full time SAHM, for the time being, yes, for how long? Let's see God's leading.

Tomorrow I will be having a discussion with a private college... if God is willing, I would like to be lecturing part time.

So with effect from 1st Jan 2009, I will not be holding a full time job for the first time.

"Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all the rest shall be added unto you". I'm learning to walk in faith.....

Monday, December 15, 2008

Morning glory

Saturday morning, it was a rainy and cool day. We planned to go to Botanical Garden the night before but it seems impossible due to the weather. God is good, the rain stopped by 8.30am, we went down to take dim sum for breakfast and brought hubby's aunt (coming all the way from S'pore) out for a half day tour. It has been a long time since we last went to Botanical Garden, so off we went. The place was crowded, the rain gave birth to a very cool and fresh morning, with all the greens and nature in the garden, it was indeed a very splendid moment. While MIL and aunt explored, we went our own way, we took many nice shots and enjoyed ourselves very much.

I suggested to hubby that we should be here every Sat morning... for that to materialize we would have to change our normal schedule by switching our weekly "marketing" to Sat afternoons.

Next we went to Gurney Drive and simply took a stroll along the beach, the girls enjoyed walking on the bricks pavement taking along with them fallen branches where they randomly scribbled on the sand.

What a nice Sat morning....

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gua Tempurung

As promised this is a back dated post for our adventure trip to Tempurung Cave. This famous cave is situated just about 15km from my hometown yet I've never been to the place after more than 10 years since it was opened to public. Now you know I'm not the adventurous type. We arrived there at around 12noon, searched the available package, bought tickets and wait for the leader to lead us. Since there are a bunch of kids with us, 5 altogether under the age of 9, we opted for the package 2, a dry tour which takes 1.5 hours.

Once in there I was captured by the magnificent view of this wonderful creation and nature at work. It's a shame that I only discovered it now and the kids were pretty excited too with Emily asking numerous questions. The leader pointed us to many shapes of "human, animals, scene" that was created by thousand of years of natural forces at work. I was in awe of this wonderful creation of God.

Below are some pictures downloaded, courtesy of hubby's shooting skill..

The greens before entering the cave

In the cave...

Looks like in the volcano eh...

We walked up and down hundred of steps, the girls are very brave indeed...

For those who are interested, just google the place, simply type in "Gua Tempurung, Perak" and there are lots of information...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Land lady...

Have been away for the long weekend and work as usual has been extremely busy. We went to Gua Tempurung for an adventurous weekend last Sat... now too lazy to download those photos, will blog about it this coming weekend.. so wait ya. We are renting out our Kampar house soon and is busy making arrangement to furnish it with the demand of the students... not cheap to furnish the house nowadays. Last time during my varsity days, I used to stay in a semi wooden and brick house for 3 years, 4 persons to a room and around 25 ladies cramped under the "refuge" camp, no water heater, washing machine, fridge or what so ever... Now 5 students are renting our double storey house with 5 rooms, 4 toilets with heater, a fridge, washing machine, 6 inch mattress.... The standard of living sure has gone up nowadays...

Monday, December 1, 2008

Mommies alone

Yeap, six mommies gathered together last Sunday for a quick and short getaway. We decided to dine in a nice place, pampered ourselves and most importantly to chat the night through. We went to a nice homely and cozy place by the name of "Little Cottage" at Burmah road. From outside, it looks like a tiny restaurant but we were quite surprise to find out that there are ample space on the second floor. The place were decorated with soft, floral curtains, romantic lightings and simple table set-ups. Little decorative items were place near the old wooden window panes, simple and nice. I tried to take some pictures but the effect is not very nice (too bright). I must say thumbs up for the food too, mommies are very particular but each of us were equally delighted and satisfied with the food that were served.

Here are the pictures of the pretty mommies..

And the food that the mommies had in peace (I believe all the mommies agreed that it has been a long time since we had such a relaxing and quiet dinner).


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