Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mission Trip to Kampung Serundung Laut (2nd – 7th June 2011)

God has enable 10 of us to go for this trip, for I believe that it is not that we are able but it is our availability that matters to God. God has proven this again and again in the Bible, He uses ordinary people to do His extraordinary work, it is afterall His trip not ours.

Though we faced mutltiple hurdles (our flight was cancelled, our boat’s motor refused to work, our plan was turned totally upside down) but God is mighty, through all the uncertainties God let us see that He is in control.

Though we may not be able do accomplish much but through each of the members’ sharing, we can see God at work in each of us, in each of the circumstances and in each of the lives of the natives there.

What did I learned out of this trip?
The natives may be lack of materially but they are rich spiritually
Unconditional love - Pastor Janaring who a native himself heeds God’s calling to bring change into the lives of the people, through his ministry and the support of churches, the village now has water supply and a school is established
Serving – Jesus Himself came to serve and not to be served, as I collected the plates and bowls from my team members after dinner with the intention to serve them by washing them, I was unaware that in front of me there are already brothers and sisters who wanted to serve me and as a result they washed my plates instead
Obedience – God simply wants us to obey, when we wanted so much to go our way, God just wanted us to be still and acknowledge that He is God
Fairness and justice – We may think that God is not fair, afterall we are all human why the native’s needs are being neglected, why they have no access to a sound education, basic medical assistance etc. To these we have no answers but God is fair and just, all things work for good to those who love Him, He will provide in His time.

And finally…….. understanding – Why rural folks sat on the veranda most of the time and chat their time away? Because there is no better things to do – with no electricity, TV and other electrical gadgets, the veranda is the most cooling place both in the day and night time and that’s exactly what we did, happily chatting our time away, staring at the bright stars, sharing God’s goodness with each other and simply enjoying His creation. God is indeed good.

For photos of our trip, please click here.


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