Thursday, March 17, 2011


To keep the girls occupied and to stop them from asking me "What do we do now, mom?", "What to do next, mom?", we made owls, idea came from a section from the STAR paper that gave very clear instruction of some DIY project using recycle materials. Well, above is the outcome, in the middle is Mama owl and sandwiched by Jeh Jeh owl and Mei Mei owl. Made entirely from recycled material - egg shells, newspaper, recycle paper, plastic egg container, some poster colours and empty toilet paper roll. They are now proudly displayed on top of our piano.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Be thankful, prayerful

I have not been reading the paper and online for the past few days but heard of the earthquake that happened last Friday. When I logged into youtube yesterday evening only I realized how massive the destruction of the earthquake cum Tsunami in Sendai, Japan. God is good that my brother did not plan for his business trip earlier, he booked his ticket to Tokyo on the 14th Mar flight.

I told my children and showed them videos of the earthquake and told them how fortunate we are to be in Malaysia, thus we should give thanks. We prayed for the victims yesterday night. Men can rebuild the city but only God can healed the hearts of men.


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