Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Super hilarious question from my student

I've not been blogging about my lecture life but something spectacular happened this morning that I must blog about it. It is very normal that students asked me questions during, after or before lecture session. This morning I was teaching the topic about effective writing and we were discussing on the requirements of a good thesis report writing, the requirements for the introduction, body and conclusion of the whole write-up. Serious things here right? So in the mid of the lecture I decided to break for 5 as the session is real dry and I could see my students' mind have wondered....

One of my foreign student, a Thai young lady asked if she could asked me a question, well by all means go ahead, that's what I'm here for right?.. to facilitate her learning and furthermore we are doing "Developing Learning Effectiveness in International Business"... Below is our conversation (I have another male Thai student in the class as well)..

Student : Teacher, can I asked you something?
Me : Well, sure
Student : Do you know how I can remove my armpit hair permanently?
Yes... this is exactly how she puts it... amazing right?
Me : Startled... (want to faint already..)oh my goodness.. how am I going to answer that..
Me : Hmm.... I'm afraid I cannot help you with your problem, but you can approach some beauty saloon/center and seek their advice.. (at the same time I looked at my male student and see his reaction, it seems our topic of interest did not bother him, in fact he is now in our conversation too.. my goodness..)
Student : My friends asked me to shave.. but it's too troublesome...
Me : Err... yeah... I heard of the wax thing...
Student : Yeah, I know but it's not permanent...
Me : (oh yeah you want a permanent solution...) I think you should just go to the center and asked.
Student : I used to pluck it everyweek...so painful...
Me : Oh ya....
Male student : Oh yes I did observed girls with armpit hair... very weird..
Me : (what you expect me to say...), just smile at both of them...

I tried to change the topic from removing armpit hair to facial regime...(thank goodness it works!)....so we were leisurely discussing about the product that we use and blah blah blah... I quickly resumed the class and back to where we stopped earlier.... gosh.. I really need to be careful the next time I welcome questions from the students, aiyoh...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Short getaway...just Emily and I

Last weekend Emily and I went for a short getaway, yeap just the both of us. After getting blessings from Michelle and daddy, off we went to KL by bus for a 3 days 2 nights trip. It is the first time that I'm travelling with Emily alone and also the first time for Michelle and daddy to spend time alone. It was hubby's idea that maybe we could spend individual time exclusively with the girls periodically so that each of them get our full 100% attention.

Emily behaved very well during the entire trip, we got to spend time with my sis's family and also I made arrangement to hang out with my uni's friends and their children. Michelle and daddy on the other hand also had a superb time exercising outdoor, went shopping and eating out.

So, we strongly recommend parents out there to plan individual time with each of your children, we are blessed to have two girls so that we can divide our time fairly between both of them, if you have more than two, it's a matter of wise planning.

In addition, this trip is suppose to lighten Emily's emotion as she has been having "school phobia" lately, crying almost every morning before going to school... after coming back from KL. As of this morning she still cries.... but in a jovial mood when she reached home... I hope this is coming to an end soon... tried to find the root cause, we suspected it must be one of the teacher that she's scared of..... Anyway I believe it's another phase that she's going through... and we will support her all the way... Emily be strong.. we are praying for you..

Mummies and the kids...
Petronas Twin Tower.....

Emily and "yee mah"

Monday, April 20, 2009

Our emotion..

This morning MIL told me that Emily refused to go into the classroom, when being asked she said in tears "Mommy did not hug me today"... so poor thing... when she left for school I was in the bathroom... when she got back today, I asked her if it's the main reason to which she answered "I want ah mah (my MIL)".. hmm...I guess she also unsure of her emotions..

Last Saturday morning Michelle woke up and told me that she did not want to go to art class... I asked her for a good reason in which she can't give and cited that she don't like it... I lost my cool but hubby came to the rescue, with Pooh bear in his hand he managed to cheer up Michelle and her mood recovered...

Tsk tsk... girls are so emotional...like mother like daughters....

Friday, April 10, 2009

Simple recipe for mummies..

Spending more time at home gives me more time to cook for my family, below are some simple recipes... happy trying...

Steamed egg with "glass noodle - tang hoon" and dried shrimps

10-20 dried shrimps or small prawns (to your liking)
3 eggs
A handful of glass noodle (soaked in water till soft)

Chopped the dried shrimps/small prawns, placed them in a medium size bowl, cut the glass noodle into half of the original length, beat 3 eggs, add 1/2 tablespoon of soya sauce, 1/2teaspoon of sugar, dash of pepper, 200ml water.

Bring a wok of water to boil, pour the mixture into a stainless steel plate and steam for 5-8 minutes...

Stew pork ribs with anistar and mushrooms

RM7-10 pork ribs (to your liking) or half of a chicken
5 - 8 medium size shitake mushrooms (to your liking)
3 eggs, boiled and remove shell
4 anistar
2 whole garlic, separate the gloves, leave the skin on
500ml water
1 tbs of dark soya sauce

For the sauce:
2 tbs of oyster sauce
1 tbs of sugar
1 tbs of corn flour
3 tbs of water

I use a clay pot, you can use any cooking pot... pour 500ml water, 2 whole of garlic and 4 anistar to boil for 10 minutes under normal fire, pour in pork ribs/chicken, mushrooms and dark soya sauce. Let the content stewed under small fire for 45 minutes (occasionally stir and checked on the water level), once meat softened, poured in the sauce mixture and add the eggs. Cooked for another 3-5 minutes and it's ready..

Lazy sushi (why?? because I cut a lot of steps..)

1 japanese cucumber, cut them into long strips
4 - 8 crab filament sticks, boiled for 2-3 minutes, shread into long strips
3 eggs, fried and cut into long strips
Sea weed...
Rice, cooked earlier and let it cool down...( I did not add rice vinegar, you can do so, just add them into the cooked rice and stir well)

For the dipping sauce (I don't have kikoman sauce and wasabe.., the kids can't take it)
3 tbs soya sauce
1 tbs sugar
1 tbs cooking wine
1/2 tbs corn flour
50 ml water
Cooked above under slow fire until thickens...

Take a piece of sea weed (I go for the ready cut type), lay them onto a piece of bamboo sheet. Spread the rice evenly in the center, allowing 1/2 cm blank space at the top and bottom edge of the sea weed, lay a strip of cucumber, egg and crab filamen in the center. Role them up... (you need some skill here), cut them into 1/2 inch width.... serve with dipping sauce / kikoman & wasabe.... I end up eating a lot of the "ugly" ones..... you can also try different fillings like tuna in mayonaise, corns...I'm no expert here but for the fun of it, I can try so do you..

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Super Duper Mom, Wife....

I once read a parenting book that while a father is the head of the family, mother is the heart of the family, therefore it is very natural that a mother's heart is always for the family especially the needs of our children and spouse.

I remembered when I first got married, I felt bad not being back home on time to cook dinner and when I had my children felt guilty of not spending more time with them, not cooking for them, not being there all the time when they were sick or just recovered from any illness, not caring enough for them....etc.

I'm sure a lot of moms out there do feel the same at certain time of your motherhood, deep inside us we want to be a super wife, a super mom, a super daughter, a super DIL and a super employee. But the fact is often times we cannot be one and the more we attempt to do so, we will end up being more stressed up, feeling inadequate and sometimes a total failure, worst still a total breakdown...

I guess it's part of the process and journey of life as a wife, mother and a woman.
I'm now learning to take things easy (though sometimes it's easier said than done), less critical on myself, expect less , plan less, things need not have to be in super orderly/systematic manner and take things one at a time.....

I believe we need to "pause" and "take five" at least once a day....to start off take a little bit more time in the bathroom.... ha ha ha... I did that at times...

I would encourage mothers to share their struggles in this area.. and by doing so we may encourage each other as we journeyed through....


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