Monday, April 27, 2009

Short getaway...just Emily and I

Last weekend Emily and I went for a short getaway, yeap just the both of us. After getting blessings from Michelle and daddy, off we went to KL by bus for a 3 days 2 nights trip. It is the first time that I'm travelling with Emily alone and also the first time for Michelle and daddy to spend time alone. It was hubby's idea that maybe we could spend individual time exclusively with the girls periodically so that each of them get our full 100% attention.

Emily behaved very well during the entire trip, we got to spend time with my sis's family and also I made arrangement to hang out with my uni's friends and their children. Michelle and daddy on the other hand also had a superb time exercising outdoor, went shopping and eating out.

So, we strongly recommend parents out there to plan individual time with each of your children, we are blessed to have two girls so that we can divide our time fairly between both of them, if you have more than two, it's a matter of wise planning.

In addition, this trip is suppose to lighten Emily's emotion as she has been having "school phobia" lately, crying almost every morning before going to school... after coming back from KL. As of this morning she still cries.... but in a jovial mood when she reached home... I hope this is coming to an end soon... tried to find the root cause, we suspected it must be one of the teacher that she's scared of..... Anyway I believe it's another phase that she's going through... and we will support her all the way... Emily be strong.. we are praying for you..

Mummies and the kids...
Petronas Twin Tower.....

Emily and "yee mah"


dorene said...

that's a really great idea!

MamaJo said...

Wow, it is indeed fun!! But, I guess if I propose this, both boy boy want me and not Daddy...haha

Wai Wai said...

Dorene, we had a great bonding time.

Mamajo, wah you are their number 1 sure daddy gonna be jealous.


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