Monday, December 15, 2008

Morning glory

Saturday morning, it was a rainy and cool day. We planned to go to Botanical Garden the night before but it seems impossible due to the weather. God is good, the rain stopped by 8.30am, we went down to take dim sum for breakfast and brought hubby's aunt (coming all the way from S'pore) out for a half day tour. It has been a long time since we last went to Botanical Garden, so off we went. The place was crowded, the rain gave birth to a very cool and fresh morning, with all the greens and nature in the garden, it was indeed a very splendid moment. While MIL and aunt explored, we went our own way, we took many nice shots and enjoyed ourselves very much.

I suggested to hubby that we should be here every Sat morning... for that to materialize we would have to change our normal schedule by switching our weekly "marketing" to Sat afternoons.

Next we went to Gurney Drive and simply took a stroll along the beach, the girls enjoyed walking on the bricks pavement taking along with them fallen branches where they randomly scribbled on the sand.

What a nice Sat morning....


Something About Us said...

the flowers are SO beautiful!

they certainly brighten up the day :)

- Ling

MamaJo said...

It is nice to stay in Island, where going anywhere is near....If want to go beach, it is just around the corner, to stay in city :(


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