Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dating at home

Below conversation at our dinner table on Tuesday evening:

Me: Tomorrow mummy and daddy not coming back for dinner and ah mah got to fetch Michelle from school.

Ah mah(MIL): Oh

The girls: Why, where are both of you going?

Me: Mummy and daddy are planning to go for a movie, dating..

Michelle: (In her papaya face)… both of you not good one!

Emily: Bring us along..

Me: No we can’t, it’s a weekday and both of you got school the next day, besides the movie is in Cantonese, both of you won’t understand.

The girls: As usual showing their protesting face

Emily: Why both of you need to go dating leh?

Me: Because we love each other.. once a while need to go out dating, strengthen our relationship..

Michelle: Eeeya… geli lor

Emily: Date at home lar

Me: Dating means going out, just both of us..

Emily: Both of you hide in one place and date at home lar…

All of us: Laugh at her proposal….

Isn’t she cute? By the way, after much protesting and coaxing we finally could go out and enjoy our dinner, movie cum light shopping.

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