Thursday, February 4, 2010

What could possibly be worst?

I've been car pooling with hubby since Monday...coz his giant road bully is aging and need to be hospitalized for ?? days or weeks. So yesterday, after work he picked me up and off we went to run some errands..

1st incident:
Pick up a customized 2.5' x 6.0' mirror for our wardrobe..
After much effort by the store worker and hubby, the mirror refused to enter our car.. we have to wait for his giant bully to do the job.. mission 1 failed.

2nd incident:
Hubby went back home and started his "drilling" project, we bought some paintings from Bali last year and finally we got the chance to hang them up... Drilling done and when adjusting the painting whether to hang it vertically or horizontally, hubby broke one of our living room's light..there goes my beautiful now we have a broken light.

3rd incident:
While adjusting the hanging string at the back of the painting, he hammered his own thumb... so now we have a sore-thumb... what could be worst eh..

4th incident:
So now the lights are gone, hubby attempted to hide the defect by switching the position of the light cover and in the process, adjusted the bulb... okay he managed to sort of "hide" the defect. He switched on the lights and "plang", guess what... short-circuit, the bulbs of course went dead, so are the other associated lights/fan so now we have a broken light, a sore thumb and a short-circuit...

To stop all this from continuing... I suggested he bathed and took his dinner... I told him that I would have to take over the wheel when we go out later.. as I'm not too sure what is going to happen..

All this happens within 2 hours.. so you tell me what could be worst eh?

1 comment:

dorene said...

It's like Murphy's Law in action! Things go wrong one after the other...I hope his thumb is healing well. :)


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