Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Our new home - Before n After

As promised... below are some before n after shots of our new home.

We'll start with the garden... before, the area is about 12'x24'

Job done: Extended our backyard garden double the size, planted some carpet grass and re-arrange some of our collections... we are planning to add more species after CNY, so far we have organized a potbless here, we're going to use this area for more family gatherings and fellowship with friends and neighbours.

The dining area.. before

Job done: Not much, repaint the wall with a coat of fresh bold apple green mixed with a lighter tone of green, balinese painting on the wall.

Next the kitchen...

Task done: We maintained the L-shape cabinets and kitchen tops and just changed the cabinet doors' surface, added a 3'x 4' island and a stand alone cabinet with a build-in oven.

Alright, the kids are sleepy and I got to stop here...stay tuned for more pics and updates.

1 comment:

dorene said...

Wow, you have a built-in oven & an island in the kitchen! It's wonderful and perfect for a cooking show..just like on Channel 703 (I've been watching alot of Astro lately!) Can't wait to visit you soon...


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