Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hand, feet and mouth disease

"Hand, feet and mouth disease", this is what my panel doctor commented when I went to see her last evening. Yup, you read it right. When I questioned the doctor she commented that I was the second adult patient diagnosed by her with the disease, in which normally attacks children. Okay at least I'm not the first one. So what do I got here... I have around 10-15 blisters on my palm, 1 each under my feet, a small tiny one at the wall of my mouth, no fever, besides the itchy feeling I'm perfectly okay. This morning, hubby went for his Hep B injection, I went in to get a second opinion, the doctor commented that the oldest patient she ever detected was 20 years old, which means I broke the record lar... She said it is quite harmless as long I don't develop fever and breathing difficulties.

In fact as I recalled, the 2 girls, hubby and I were suffering from sore throat last week, Emily has some blisters over her feet too, I apply some "Campak" and she has fully recovered. Last two days, we found out one of our neighbor's daughter who attended the same kindy as our girls were hospitalized for HFM disease too. Hmm.. I guessed they must have got it either from school or each other, since we always emphasized that the girls drink plenty of water and treat their symtoms at the earliest stage, these must have prevented the disease from overpowering the girls. Thank God for it.

As for me, I will just need to apply some Camomile lotion and let the blisters went off naturally...


Something About Us said...

oh dear..hope you are getting better now. So that means you have to take MC from your work right?

- Ling

Little Inbox said...

Me too. Never know adult also can be infected. Take care!

MamaJo said...

Isaac got it before and it really suffered for him....and what I did is, boil green bean + some dry orange skin, and it is really effective. Another way will be wipe the body with white egg, but, since Isaac is allergic to egg, I can't do that on him......Hope you get well soon!!

Wai Wai said...

Ling, Little inbox and mamajo, thank God I've recovered, the blisters dried up after a few days and I'm perfectly okay now :)


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