Monday, November 17, 2008

Back to action!

Yuppy, finally hubby has arranged for our streamyx to be up and running, this means back to normal blogging again after a few weeks of being sort of inactive. Thanks for you all out there who still drop by and leave a message or two. I can now follow-up on my favourite blogs again.

Have been extremely busy lately, ha ha you must be wondering what keep me busy in this economy downtime? Busy catching up with my new work lor, now it's a good time to catch up since the company's business has slowed down by almost 50%. I must say I joined the company at the wrong time,once docked in, the company started on cost savings measure, zero OT....... Anyhow thank God I still have a job in spite of this global economy downturn...

I wonder how are you all doing out there? Hopefully none of us will be retrenched..

I'm going to visit some of your blogs out there.. catch up with you all very soon..


Little Inbox said...

Oh, finally you blog from home...Will your kids kacau you?
Hmm...not only retrenchment ar, VSS la, 4-days work la, forced to take leave la, Dec shutdown la...Too many bad news. What to do ler?

Wai Wai said...

little inbox, what do you think, sure they kacau lor... but now they are sound asleep liao so can blog freely... yeah so many bad news lately, what to do? Give thanks that we still hold a job and we need to be wise in managing our finances lor, on-hold all unnecessary buyings..


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