Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Landed property? Not for now..

Hubby and I were "shopping" for landed property for the past months, Saturdays were basically spent viewing houses near and far. We actually shorlisted a few and contemplate to purchase but was busted by the recent economy situation. We sort of step on the brake and pull the hand brake as well. Thank God we have not purchase yet. We decided not to land ourselves in more "debts" during this period of time. Know what? I felt a sense of peace after making this decision, after all we were quite clear that it's not God's plan for us to own a landed property now and we are perfectly contended with our current home. I must admit the temptation is still very strong... ha ha ha. We decided to invest in a brand new PC instead, hooked up the broadband so that I can be back on track in blogging, this should keep me from thinking of the nice house that I wanted to own...he he he....

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