Friday, November 7, 2008

Our Girl's Graduation

Michelle graduated from K2 last Saturday. As a parent, it’s a moment of proud and joy. A couple of weeks back, the school arranged for their photo to be taken from a studio, professionally done with the graduation robe, mortar and mock certificate. A copy of the photo was placed side by side with my graduation photo, hmm…. Like mother like daughter, of course I would have to wait another 15-17 years before she actually graduate from tertiary education. (A long way)

Hubby and I was the emcee of the day, we’ve been doing this for a few years already but this year was quite different especially when we announced our daughter’s name, can’t actually expressed it through words.

Michelle delivered the student’s representative speech flawlessly, she has been practicing that for almost 2 months, line by line, paragraph by paragraph, she excelled academically, bagged awards in writing and drawing competition. I must praised Michelle for her effort, pro-activeness, it’s our wish that she finds joy and fun in acquiring knowledge. Through the concert I can see Michelle improved in her motor skill too, she performed two dance items and 2 songs. I’m honored to be a “sing mah” – mother of a star for a day.

We were amazed of Emily’s courage on the stage too, showed no sign of stage fright, she truly enjoyed her dance and songs presentation. Hubby joked that the school will need to pay “performance fees” to us…


Something About Us said...

it's indeed a joy to see how our kids grow up and progress :)

- Ling

MamaJo said...

Wow, congrate to you on your Michelle achievement!!! Ha,ha....first time I heard the emcee is from parent...usually, the teacher will be emcee....

Wai Wai said...

Hi Ling, yeah it's indeed great joy to see them grow, learn and be a better person, children are God's jewels entrusted to us, we are to be good stewards of His gift.

Mamajo, yalor but it's really special announcing your own girl's name and I guess it is special to her too, after so many years being their school's emcee finally I got the chance to call out my own daughter's name..


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