Friday, October 24, 2008

A new beginning

Have not been blogging for some time…. I survived my first 2 weeks at the new job. First week was basically spent attending meetings, meetings and meetings and trying to figure out who is who, adjusting to the new environment and I must admit I experienced culture shock. Second week came by, still very blur… ha ha ha. It’s totally a new environment, different working culture, people, product etc… everything is NEW…I have new sets of working clothes too, yeah I’m an uniform lady now, hubby commented that I can save a lot on clothing, I even have a new set of shoes, believe it or not I save on shoes also. So I expect to keep every single cents that I earned...

Generally colleagues are quite okay, a lot of documents to go through and oh my.. I really need to sign a lot of stuff here. Being in the same company for 12 years doesn’t require you to exercise much of your brain cells but I realized for the past two weeks, my brain is put into testing, I hope my brain won’t “crashed”. I experienced body pain, stiffed necks and shoulders (sign of stress, hubby commented) after the first week.

Wow I really missed blogging… it has been 2 long weeks since I last blogged and also to catch up with you all blogs out there.

On another note, next week is Michelle’s kindy graduation, the whole family is really looking forward to it. The grandfather and aunt is coming up for the ceremony too, wah they really give face hor. How I wish my mom is here to witness her grandchild’s graduation. Michelle will be presenting the students’ speech in Bahasa and will be grabbing a few awards too, we are so proud of her. Not forgetting the girls will be dancing too, it’s going to be a major event for the family.


Anonymous said...

Many 'new' for you! Good luck on your new job.

Like you, i too wish my mum is still around to attend Dot's graduation performance too. He will be acting as one of the dwarf in Snow White and the seven dwarfs.

MamaJo said...

Ha, office, of course, new rules lor...but, after second week, bet you start to get use to it....then, lazy a bit liao...ha,ha...graduation day? Wow, she will be in primary 1 next year? I also can't wait to see Jona and Isaac performance during their kindy graduation day..he,he

dorene said...

hi there! Good to be reading an update from you!!


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