Thursday, February 5, 2009

Beh "Tahan liao"

This morning I snapped at college, really "beh tahan" liao, besides delivering my usual class lecture, I decided it's time I deliver a "personal how to behave like a student" lecture. I spelled out my expectation to the students clearly as below:

1) Be punctual to class
2) Keep their h/phones all super silent and no "SMS" during lecture, very disrespectful
3) Do all activities required, stop giving lame excuses
4) Show me a little initiative... so far they are very dissapointng
5) I told them if they are just killing time attending college, then.. it's so sad
6) Finally their dress code and posture in class, one even sits with her both feet on the chair (just imagine!!!)

Well, welcome to the world of lecturing eh... let's hope I still keep my job after the lecture session.... teachers/lecturers nowadays need to clean up a lot of attitude problem and really have to involve in character building, I mean real basic character and manners education. I'm hoping to start a blog on education, I'm sure a lot of teachers out there got a lot to share and burst about...

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