Wednesday, February 4, 2009

We're back

Yeap, we're back after 9 long days of holiday, makes all of us so lazy....zzzz. We had a great time especially the kids, they get to consume all "illegal" food and drinks, the amount they consumed in those 9 days is equivalent to whole year quota!! The result... mouth ulcers and hard stools.. Haiz just as much as I tried to stop them, the grandfathers, aunt, cousins spoiled them badly... not good not good..

Will post a picture post later on what we've done during cny.

Oh yeah, we set up our skype and webcam last 2 days and now busy playing with it, we got hooked up with my brother (in S'pore) and sister (in KL) and having the opportunity to chat and see their faces while chatting is real fun. The kids screamed and was totally carried away by it, can't really talk, all we did is to show funny funny action, sharing "food" over skype and heaps of laughter.

Stay tuned for my next posting ya!

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