Monday, August 18, 2008

Badminton Craze...

Hubby and I decided to go and watch a famous choir group in town rather that watching the badminton final between Lee Chong Wei (M'sia) and Lin Dan (China). So we passed this important assignment to our angels at home. The girls are all gear up for the match, they are quite crazy about badminton lately because daddy has been training them for the past few weeks (hubby inspired them to represent Malaysia in Olympics later, LOL).

MIL cited that lil Emily was so engrossed watching the match that she wee wee on the sofa.... she was holding her urine and can't make it on time to the for Michelle, he keep on lamenting "Aiyah Lee Chong Wei, why like that one!"

This is our conversation this morning:

Me: Michelle, Malaysia lose already hor :(
Michelle: Ya lor... Lee Chong Wei no energy lor
Me: What did he score?
Michelle: First game 12, second game 8, he did better in his first game (so clever hor).Ai yoh he always fell down, the shuttle cock always at the net and always out of the line meh...
Me: (Amused by her details)... nevermind lor, at least he got second place mah..
Michelle: He don't have "jing sen"... (she talks like an adult right?)LOL
Me: Yeah, probably he's too "ken cheong"...

Aside to Chong Wei... though you are not able to bring back Malaysia first Olympic gold, we are proud of you for bringing Malaysia thus far.. so don't be discourage ya! Jia you jia you...

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