Monday, August 18, 2008

Winning & Losing

There is a Chinese proverb that says that winning and losing are part of life’s journey, one should not be too concerned over it and move on. Now how do you teach a four and six year old this concept?

It’s pretty normal for children to feel rather unhappy when they experience losing moment in their life. We adults will feel the same way, what more for children right? Hubby and I believe that we need to teach them to deal with “losing” in the course of their life. Emily being more emotional and sensitive finding it harder to accept such moment compared to Michelle who is more matured in her thinking.

Recently due to the Olympics fever, we frequently group together in front of our TV set following the progress of the events on air. We take this time to teach them the lesson of winning and losing. We stressed that it’s part of the game that one will win and the other lose, when we win we should not be too proud over it, when we lose we should not be too concerned over it also… and to my kids losing means crying...

We stressed that if one lose one should try again…. Games are meant to be fun and we should learn to enjoy the process not so much on the outcome…. So far the girls are taking this positively and I can see improvement on Emily’s part even though it’s still hard for her not to cry when she loses in games. She asked me why the players in the TV cried after winning. I told her it’s the tears of joy, the player is too happy...I think she’s quite confused… anyway I do hope they catch what we are trying to teach them… Aiyo,it’s certainly not easy to bring up children nowadays…

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