Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pathetic pathetic

I'm sure for those who have been following Malaysia's politic scene knows what is the silliest happening in our world of politics. It's quite normal that in the game of politics one will use "dirty tactics' to bring down the opponent, whether the recent allegation made to one of our opposition main figure has any truth or not, the whole thing is really pathetic...

Sometimes I wonder how many politicians out there are really serving their nation out of genuine care for their people and not due to personal agendas... But one thing is sure, human morality is really decaying.... one could hardly imagine what one is capable of doing out of greed for power and status. It's pretty hard to judge who is the bad and good guy now even with all the so called proofs on hand, proofs too can be fabricated... how scary.

What will happen to Malaysia's politics in the long run? Who will be the next one to lead our country to the next level. What will happen to our generations to come? Only God knows and I pray God will have mercy on our land, on our leaders.

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