Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mamas meet again

Mamas group will be meeting again this Sunday, while preparing for the session yesterday night, below are some discussion points that we are going to go through, I invite mamas out there to share your precious thoughts:

1) What are practical ways that mothers can support one another?
2) Why contentment is so important for mothers?
3) What are the impacts if contentment is not present?
4) How do you help other mothers to find fulfilment being a full time stay at home mom or full time working mom?

That's all I can remember.....


Anonymous said...

Not sure if you would read this comment...because it's so back-dated..

1. By offering support and advises to other mummies.

4. By encouraging mothers whom are facing difficulties coping with their responsibilities, at home or at work...or both at same time..there come a time when a full time working mum are needed at home (kid is sick) and at work (rushing through a very important and urgent dateline)..

As for point 2 and 3, i can't think of any, but perhaps, if a mother is contented (hope i understand the question correctly), she will feel secure and safe and knows that she is doing a great job being a mother.

Should she not feel contented, she will lose her 'balance' and not have much confidence in her choice and decision..

Wai Wai said...

Hi KM, thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts, really appreciate that...I hope we will be more sensitive towards other mothers' need that we are in contact with.. I encouraged my neighbor by being there to look after her new born baby while she takes her bath and dinner...


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