Friday, August 22, 2008

Lives touching lives

Many times hubby and I will connect into deep conversations, in those deep conversations we will asked ourselves what is the purpose of our existence, what did God really want us to do for Him. What can we do so that one day when we present ourselves to God, we can confidently proclaim like Paul that we have run a good race and completed what God has called us to do.

We always believe that our core existence is to touch other’s life. Jesus spent his last three years doing just that and God sacrificed His son's life doing just that. Sometimes we questioned ourselves whether we are doing that or are we spending a big chunk of our life making money to support our family and desired lifestyle. In our daily dealings with people around us, did we seek to touch people’s lives, did we leave any positive print in other’s life or are we just an irrelevant object passing by people’s life, day in and day out?

So how can I use my life to touch other’s life? Below is my pledge:

1)I pledge to touch foremost my children’s life, so that when I leave this earth, God’s word will be woven into their life as a light to their path.
2)I pledge to touch my family member’s life and my friends’ who have yet to receive God, so that they can see my Father’s love.
3)I pledge to touch my colleagues’ life, so that in my official dealings at work, they could see a living example of honesty and integrity.
4)I pledge to touch other women’s life, so that through me they may be able to see God’s unique plan for each of them.

Life is too short and precious to just let the days go by without leaving a permanent footprint to those around us….

God gives me strength to walk my pledge so that when I face Him one day I can confidently say to my Lord just like Paul in 2 Timothy 4:7 “I have fought the good fight. I have completed the race. I have kept the faith.”


miche said...

a very good post. everyday we have to consciously ask ourself are we touching lives. honestly, not everyday i wanna touch people's life.

MamaJo said...

You know, the saddnest thing happen to my office today....just because she is a Indon cleaner, and her working permit is going to company won't willing to hire her and when my good colleague want to start donation campaign to help her pay for her renewal fee, company stop her from doing it and some more, 90% of my colleagues just won't want to share the 'burden' and by simple answer: we are very selfish person!! ......the world now, really change liao...

Wai Wai said...

Michelle, yeah we are mere human but God's love should motivate us to do so...

Mamajo... hmm really sad indeed... that's why we need to stand out and reach out, God call us not to be conform into the standards of the world...


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