Friday, August 29, 2008

Pure joy

Recently one of our neighbor's daughter like to come over and play with the girls... almost everyday without fail... she likes Emily so much and Emily was so happy to become her jeh-jeh, (ordering her around and having someone submitting to her every request) :D

The other day they were playing and all of a sudden they started jumping and laughing until I've to shout and calmed them down (afraid they may knocked into sharp corners of the TV cabinet and table)... They were really enjoying themselves...funny why pure jumping, running, climbing can bring so much fun for them, they were laughing hysterically... Sometimes I wish I can have such pure joy..adults are too serious at times... we should learn from our children..

1 comment:

Little Inbox said...

Let them enjoy their playtime. This will the the precious moment for them once they grow up.


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