Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Year, new learning

Chinese look forward to new year as it’s a symbol for everything new, life a new with new challenges, hope, happiness and prosperity. I went back home this year, starting a brand new learning in the course of my life. Mom broke her arm, her legs were weak, she has no choice but to temporally on a wheel chair. I did not get to know it until I was back on Sunday; she kept this from all of us, not wanting anyone of us to worry about her due to the traveling. I fed and bathed her for the first time. My heart was filled with so much emotion, I cried and questioned God.

I know it’s a part of life’s journey that one has to go through as one aged but the fact that it is happening to your loved one is hard to accept. Hubby is beside me all along, encouraging and trying his very best to bring some cheer and positive outlook to the whole situation.

Dad was exceptionally patience and loving at this point of time, taking the night shift where everyone was sound asleep, my sis took over for first 3 nights she was back, I took over when she left for KL, sister in-law helped out in the kitchen, brother spent time chatting with mom, if not for mom’s condition, we will not be so close knitted as a family. Hubby lead in prayer most of the nights, when hubby went back to Sitiawan for two days, little Emily took over, she closed her eyes and offered sweet prayer to the Lord, such a wonderful experience.

We finally persuaded mom and dad to be based in KL for the next few months so that sis can take care of mom’s diet, be a accompany to them, we in return will plan more trips to check on her condition.

Mom suffered from osteophytes (bone spurs) as well as osteoporosis, for her age it’s quite normal, I prayed that it will be less painful for her, for her legs to be energized again, her humurus bone to be healed so that once again she can perform the basics, our ultimate objective to get her walk again. I believe God is a God who heals, physically and spiritually.

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