Friday, February 15, 2008

Michelle & Emily prayed to accept Christ!

Yeah want to share something real meaningful, on Wednesday I called my sis to check on my mom, not much of improvement, so the girls and I prayed for her, each taking turns to say a prayer for "poh poh". After the prayer, I shared with them the message of salvation, how Jesus came to die for us on the cross to pay for the penalty of our sins. I asked them if they wanted to invite Jesus into their life and let Him be our guide, acknowledge that we all have sinned and need God to forgive us. They answered yes and to be sure I clarified with them, they fully understood and I lead them to prayer.

Michelle and Emily has accepted the Lord as their personal Savior! I taught them that they will need to let Jesus help them to be the kind of children that God desired and that the Holy Spirit is in them right now. We should not sin willingly but desired to become light of the world.

It's such a joyful event, we will need to pray hard for poh poh and kung kung to have the privilege to accept Jesus into their life. Amen

On another note, Phillipines, here I come, I'll be away for a 4 days trip starting from next Monday. The beginning of my "Quality Journey Program" at our Phillipines subsidiary. Will be staying in the heart of Manila this time, journey to the company will take 1-2 hours on a single trip depending on the traffic. I'm going to miss my family and will be back on time to celebrate little Emily's birthday on the 22nd Feb, my angel is turning four. She's such a darling, no more baby look, more like a little sweet growing girl finding her own identity, boundary..... she's asking for a pink tricycle in which we gladly fulfilled.....

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