Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Little things about mom

This post is specially dedicated to my beloved mom. I would like to share mom's life with my readers. Borned 11th Nov 1932, she's the 3rd child in a family of eight with five other siblings. The only surviving sibling she has is her eldest sister in which we call "Tai Yee Mah", the rest had passed away. Altogether she has 2 elder sisters, an elder brother, a younger brother and sister. Mom attended a few years of night class. Mom used to remind us that with the little education that she has she made the best out of it, so we should be far better than her. She attended sewing classes in Ipoh and later taught sewing back in Kampar. Mom is a very skillful tailor, demanding the very best quality and she sew over 95% of her clothing and ours back then. We still kept her Singer sewing machine, still functioning and in good order.

When the family was faced with financial difficulties in the mid 70s - mid 80s, mom raised the family single handedly. She saved and endure hardships just to get the family united, we don't mind going through the hardship with her because seeing her persistence and preserverance make us feel all worth while.

Mom was specially facinated with mahjong, a good player, she always said that mahjong is the one who keep her mind working and can prevent her from getting Alzheimer. Mom's other hobbies would be cooking fabulous dishes for us, home making and eating. Mom is a very creative woman of her time, always thinking new ways of doing things and created things out of ordinary items from home, she is also a doctor to herself, sometimes delaying proper doctor's consultation. A very hygienic person and a person who tolerates no nonsense.

Some of the special moments with her were:

1) Scaring her off by tapping her shoulder in the market, scolded badly by her
2) Fooling her by imitating my niece's and sister's voice over the phone
3) Sharing family times and old jokes on her bed, we laughed uncontrollably
4) Sleeping with her and salivate on her pillows, she detested the smell
5) Sleeping in between her and dad when I had a bad dream
6) Witnessing her "before dinner" preparation, mom always leave home, best groomed

I wish I could list all of them for my memories later part of my life. I have so much fond memories of her. Sometimes I still think mom is alive...... I miss her...

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