Monday, November 16, 2009

Time flies..

Time flies and the semester is coming to an end. Just finished marking my students' assignments and they will be having their exam in the next 2 weeks. The staff room will be undergoing a major renovation and we are adviced to pack our stuff... so the whole of this week the staff room will be in total mess....

I enjoyed my teaching here and I'm glad to make this switch. Just this morning somebody from Dell called and asked if I'm interested in their position as Training and Development Manager, I wondered how they got my contact, must be from a position that I applied ages ago... I told her I'm not interested at this point of time.. I may be saying no to a potentially high figured salary job but no regrets.. somehow I'm sure this is what I wanted to do now, have not been feeling this fulfilled for the entire 13 years in employment.

I wondered if I've changed... :)

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