Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Decision making...

Over the past few weeks and upcoming weeks, hubby and I made or will be making a lot of decision, so far we have sort of made our decisions on below items:

1) The colour to all the rooms, exterior and roof, instead of turning the rooms into showrooms, we hope to include our personal character and harmonization to the entire colour scheme.
2) The kitchen hood and hob - we confirmed that during the HomeDec exhibition last 2 weeks
3) The finishes of the kitchen cabinet, island, living room cabinet and other cabinets
4) The basin tap, basin type, WC, toilet tiles, we are going to have 2 brand new toilets with bath.
5) Bed frame, coffee table, book rack - something that we shopped earlier..

Yet to be decided:
1) To buy a brand new oven or just use the existing..
2) Our king size mattress (Very important!)
3) To what extend we will do up the backyard garden
4) Anything good and affordable from Ikea
5) Other furnishing items

You see we sort of gave ourselves and our contractors 4 weeks to do the job once we got hold of the house key... we hope to move in before Christmas or before the end of the year... Hubby is enjoying the whole process of sourcing, walking and negotiating but I'm more looking forward to the end result, so my role is to select/make choices (often pricy choices) and he will close the deal or talk me out of it, that's how we complement each other, let's hope we won't start a world war 3!

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dorene said...

sounds wonderful...can't wait to visit your new home soon! :)


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