Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More patience and love

For the past few weeks, I’m finding difficulty in handling Emily. Recently she has been super bossy, wanted to have just her own way, got angry over the slightest things, her words are always correct, she’s rude.... to summarize this.. SHE WANTS HER OWN WAY!! which is totally unacceptable and ridiculous. The fact that Michelle is basically easier to handle really magnified the contrast. I know I’m comparing both of them which is not good, each children is unique and special in their own ways. So what do you expect this mummy to do?

In my prayers I always ask God to give me patience and love to teach my children.. I guess I got the answer from Him, what better way to learn patience and love other than putting me in situations that I can really exercise patience and love.

But I must learn from hubby, whenever I’m out of patience, love and ideas, I passed the baton to him and he always has that final touch to deal with her.

I’m not sure about the other mothers, have you ever cried with your children? Just the other night I was so frustrated, I broke down and told them that I love them, I wanted to teach them, whenever they misbehave I’m very sad, sometimes I don’t know how to teach them but we will pray for God to help us… three of us ended up hugging and cried our heart out. But it was a good session.

After the whole episode, they slept and I went back to my room. Hubby asked what happened and he heard Emily was crying out loud, I told them the three of us cried altogether… Hubby commented “Ha she’s just five now, you are already crying teaching her, what will happen to you when she’s in her teens?” Ha… I really don’t know… guess I’ll ask a whole lot more patience and love from God then.

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