Monday, September 24, 2007


Once I was chatting with one of my church friend who has migrated to Canada over the skype, she expressed that as we grew older, friends are lesser. Her definition of friend means someone whom you can really share to and genuinely care for you, someone whom you can trust and turn to in good and bad times.

This is especially true if you are married with kids where your life basically encircled around your spouse and demanding kids. I used to feel so guilty whenever I leave home to do something on my own, the thought of not being “a good mother” echoed in my mind. Nowadays we just don’t want to bother and to be bothered by others, everyone just busy with their own life and friends whom you used to be close to, were now slowly disappearing from your mind, just like the old saying ‘Out of sight, out of mind”, some of them might already migrated to different parts of the world or living in different corners of the country.

Going back to do my masters open up a new door for me to get to know new friends and along the way I manage to find a truly genuine friend. Her name is dear Dorene, she’s a bubbly and fun young lady to be with, just like the character of “Doreen” in the Nemo movie… he he. Nine years my junior, not sure why we clicked but I was attracted to her sweet smile and openness, we shared good times together like feeding the mosquitoes together when rushing for our assignments; serious counseling sessions when she needed a motherly advice; leisure time together where we catch a movie, eat a nice meal at a quiet restaurant, went shopping together and crazy time over the phone where we will laugh our hearts out. Both of us were so real to each other, we do not care what position we were holding, our material wealth, our appearance, just wanna be friends…. and here I want to say “Dorene, I’m thankful for you”.

So when was the last time you really had a true friend? When was the last time you were touched by somebody else kindness and the last time you touched others? Something for us to ponder….


celine said...

Hmm...age is not a factor in making friends. I have a nephew in his standard six this year. He make friends with children and old folks. He got friend from 8 years old to 80 years old. He has lots of topics to chat with people.

Wai Wai said...

Good for him, I mean more than making friends, someone whom you would touch with your life and vice versa..


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