Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Aiyah mummy - Part 2

Tuesday evening, went back home, bathed and tried to sit down to have a decent dinner. My two princesses or should I called them “chi cha poh” climbed up the dining chair, one on the left and the other on the right, “mummy I want a piece of your chicken”, “mummy I want to sip your soup”, “mummy your food taste so nice, can you share with me”…… and so on (hey! we ate the same old cater food, OK!) really got into my nerves, my hubby joined me later and I vowed, I’m going to write this in my blog tomorrow, please let mummy alone for 10 minutes!!! Arghhhh… Hubby said “they have been waiting for this time whole day already, looking forward to spend time with you mah… easy for you to say, they are not disturbing you! Why you get to read the papers and book peacefully and they never leave me alone!!! Anyway, I finished my dinner (indigestion and the kids ate half of my portion!) sign….. After helping my daughter with her Chinese (I’m a Malay educated, can’t imagine I’m teaching her Chinese!) we did some drawing and coloring, since two days before we just had the crab feast, we thought of drawing crabs and colored them, we cut them out and framed it up (daddy’s office digital camera kena stolen! So no photos, daddy’s phone camera lousy, so… have to wait till we get a new one). Daddy commented, “wah you all enjoying this eh”…….., I suggested daddy accompanied them to sleep tonight while mummy get to read….but no they insisted on me……… sometimes I wonder if they really love this mummy so much or simply wanna to “abuse” this poor mum!

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