Wednesday, October 10, 2007


How is your relationship with your boss lately? Don’t get me wrong, the reason I write this post is not because I had anything serious going on with my boss but just want to write something to entertain my readers.

Typical bosses

“I am always right”
If you did something wrong, you are wrong, when the boss did something wrong, he is still right and even though he can be so clearly in the wrong “buta pun boleh tengok” they will turn and twist until “dead people can also become alive”….

“Ki ki ku ki ki”
Means you take care of yourself.

“I did not say that”
When things go wrong or we Chinese said “cannot go down the stage”, bosses will normally say “I did not say that”….

“I did not tell you to do that”
When they made a decision and things go wrong out of the decision, they will say “since when I tell you to do that? You must have heard it incorrectly”….

“Now go and do it”
Bosses never wants to know the details and hows, just do it, if you have problem and seek his advice, he will say “I know you can do it” but do they know how?? If I know I would not have to ask you in the first place, whatlah this boss…..

I believe there are a lot more special characteristics of bosses, if you are given the privilege to become one….. be considerate to your poor subordinates, if you have one, then consider yourself privilege….. cause still surviving in the organization…… he he he

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