Tuesday, October 23, 2007


My daughters simply love to watch Cinderella (the Walt Disney cartoon version), I lost count how many times they have played the VCD, memorized each scene and songs even the step daughters vocal practice section…. Both of them will act out the scene, singing “… Nightingale… ah ah ah ah……”, then beat each other on the head….

Last weekend we borrowed some DVDs from my neighbor, Boon, one of them is Cinderella story (the Walt Disney version starring Hilary Duff etc…), my elder daughter was glued to the TV, enjoying each scene, the story has been adopted from the cartoon series but translated into modern Cinderella version…. Quite nice, instead of leaving the glass slipper behind, Sam (modern Cinderella) left her cell phone at the school pomp dance event….ha ha, now Prince Charming is searching for Cinderella in the school, 10.30 pm, daddy said it’s bed time, so being very obedient and reluctant we have to switch off the TV and to be continued tonight…….

Mei mei don’t know how to enjoy the show yet but jeh jeh certainly enjoying every moment of it…….. one of the wonderful moments I spent with my daughters, we went to bed hoping for some sweet dreams, dancing with our Prince Charming perhaps…….. woke up by the alarm this morning, no dancing with any prince, not sure about jeh jeh and mei mei……….. jeh jeh reminded me, “tonight we will continue the movie ah………” yes provided you finished your homework, I answered.

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