Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Lollipops

See my two lovely lollipops! They are so cute in the same T-shirts and hair style, last time mei mei used to wear the handovers from jeh jeh but not anymore since mei mei turned two, she wants exactly like jeh jeh and vice versa. So mummy have to buy two sets for almost everything.. if not jealousy and sibling rivals will begin. Girls... they like pink, pink and pink from top to toes, clips, hair bands, dresses, pants, t-shirts, skirts, shoes, rings...............etc. Last weekend we went for a charity dinner in town, the couple sitting at the next table was blessed with 4 girls, they look alike and maintenance cost is sure high...everything x4....not sure whether they have the same policy like my girls (no handovers!)he he he.

1 comment:

debwangch said...

precisely why I prayed so hard for a boy for my next kid... then at least I am not 'investing' in 2 pcs of 'same' things all the time... God is good, He answered prayer... will find out soon!!


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